May 23, 2013


Republicans AND democrats throw gays under the bus to pass immigration. Which is why I laugh at gays who see Hillary as their great hope. Democrats are almost as rotten and unprincipled as republicans. It's time to give up on both parties. SF's former democratic mayor Gavin Newsom in The Guardian: "It is outrageous. Once again the gay community is reminded of where it stands with the political leadership, both Democrats and Republican. Their rights have been traded away for the sake of a political deal in Washington DC. The Senate Judiciary Committee, after five days of deliberations, passed out the "Gang of 8" comprehensive immigration reform bill on Tuesday, but without protections for same-sex couples. That means a partner of the same sex could be denied a visa to come to the US. The rights of the gay community are being dealt away once again for political expediency. This issue is not about policy or principle for congressional Republicans, it is about homophobia and bigotry. There is no moral courage for Republicans in this debate, there is only tactical positioning. Would we allow Congress to treat women this way? No. Would we allow Congress to treat African Americans or Latinos this way? No. Why is it acceptable for Washington politicians to treat gay and lesbian couples this way? Congress cannot continue to treat the gay community as second-class citizens." MORE: GUARDIAN