April 18, 2013


After Sandy Hook, the NRA head gave such a crazy speech that even Fox made disparaging remarks about him. The news was buzzing for days that the NRA was a now paper tiger which no longer had that kind of influence and that hardly any of the candidates that the NRA backed won in the last election. Graphs on MSNBC demonstrated how the NRA campaign contributions got a paltry 1% return on their campaign contributions. So what's the missing piece of this puzzle? In 2-3 months, how did they suddenly become powerful, influential and scary enough to make senators filibuster background checks AGAIN? They were a paper tiger/laughing stock a few months ago. What's the missing piece of this puzzle? Is it the $ from gun manufacturers that's behind the NRA that's making the senators jump? Because even NRA members overwhelmingly want background checks. I don't get it.