April 18, 2013


Although Congress couldn't get a backgrounds check law through even after Sandy Hook, look at what our fine lawmakers could get through and which Obama signed into law on Monday. They snuck this through "blindingly fast" in 30 seconds after it was proposed by Eric Cantor. You know why THAT legislation was passed so quickly? This law makes it harder for members of Congress to get caught doing illegal insider trading. That way, they can stay above the law and get richer more easily with less oversight on questionable insider investments. And they do need a lot of money so that their kids, members of the ruling class which I though was a contrary notion to democracy, can attend expensive schools while legislators send ordinary working families' kids into pointless wars. This just signed on Monday STOCK ACT reverses a law NPR calls popular. Congress is stocking their own coffers while gun laws can't even get a vote. Obama is equally guilty for signing this. NPR: But on Monday, when the president signed a bill reversing big pieces of the law, the emailed announcement was one sentence long. There was no fanfare last week either, when the Senate and then the House passed the bill in largely empty chambers using a fast-track procedure known as unanimous consent. In the House, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., shepherded the bill through. It was Friday afternoon at 12:52. Many members had already left for the weekend or were on their way out. The whole process took only 30 seconds. There was no debate. "There weren't too many members of Congress who were aware of this legislation," says Craig Holman, the government affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen. "And I suspect very, very few understood what a sweeping radical change it is to the STOCK Act." MORE: NPR