April 20, 2013


The good news: Whoopi Goldberg has made a movie about the incredible comedienne Moms Mabley and it's at the Tribeca Film Festival. The other good news: HBO has bought it so you don't have to browse the confusing and annoying Tribeca Film Festival's website with special screenings for American Express cardholders only. (I have an Amex but this is just gross, not special.) The bad news: I don't have HBO so I had to buy a $19.50 ticket from the rotten Eventbrite.com which has the nerve to ask me if I want to donate to the Tribeca Film Festival before I can make the overpriced purchase for a movie which had better be good. Actually, I know it it'll be a riot but enough with the gouging already. SYNOPSIS: Comedy pioneer Moms Mabley, often referred to as “the funniest woman in the world,” comes to life again, complete with rolling laughter and measured eloquence, in Whoopi Goldberg’s directorial debut. This astute first documentary feature showcases Mabley’s talent and pays homage to a woman whose relevance still resonates today. A role model for Whoopi Goldberg herself, Mabley’s legacy is defined through rich found footage and interviews with some of the world’s best comedians, including Bill Cosby, Kathy Griffin and Eddie Murphy. They show how Mabley paved the way for female comedians and performers everywhere with her boundary-pushing stand-up routines and innate ability to transcend racism, sexism and ageism. The documentary dives whole-heartedly into Mabley’s comedy, political and social and still hilarious. A passion project for Goldberg, it celebrates Mabley’s historical significance and profound influence as a performer vastly ahead of her time. TRIBECAFILM