December 29, 2012


I attended a party on Christmas Eve at which the conversation took an odd turn. A couple began explaining to me how the wife had taped up the camera on her computer--since the technology exists to monitor us through these cameras. The husband was skeptical and just on a lark, asked an Apple store employee about this practice. The kid pulled out his computer and showed them that his cam was also taped. Still not convinced, the husband was invited by a friend to attend an Occupy Wall Street protest and was told by his friend who was already there NOT to bring his phone. He brought it anyway. And when he got out of the subway and turned it on, a screen showed up on his phone that he'd never seen before indicating monkey business. Coincidence? Or was someone monitoring OWS protestors? I mentioned this to another friend who isn't even very politically-minded yet he'd also blocked the cam on his computer as a safety measure. How widespread is this taping and how paranoid are we of getting spied through our electronic devices? Hummingbird-sized drones are here in this country spying on us now.

Today gave us a new reason to be paranoid. You know how hard it's been to get both parties to agree on anything as the "fiscal cliff" looms? Well, I'll have you know that today a bi-partisan bill passed with ease. Like the impending Bush tax cuts which occur on 1/1, there were only days left to renew the FISA bill which gives the executive branch more powers to eavesdrop on us. Funny how very few American people want fewer civil liberties, yet Congress is eager to pass it with support from both parties--in a hurry and without debate. And Obama is expected to sign it into law. That's funny, he campaigned against it and in this clip is described as making a 180 degree turn on his position. Oh, but he apologized for his desire to trample our privacy and civil liberties when he was taken to task for it. Does that ring a bell? When the president signed the NDAA, he apologized for signing it and claimed he'd never use it. That's the law which enables the executive branch to jail even American citizens indefinitely without even a trial. Power corrupts, and if Obama has actively fought to prevent amendments which he supported on principle just a few years ago, we can only imagine how corrupt he's going to be in his second term. He's crashed expectations in the end of his first term just since winning. So taping up those laptops isn't such a bad idea as Obama moves closer to Big Brother-like surveillance of citizens.

Here's a more in-depth look and what happened in Congress today. They can't get both parties to the emergency fiscal cliff, but they can rush to join the president to screw us even though few of their constituents support these measures. The government no longer represents the will of the people and Obama is leading it. Not a good guy but he knows that you are too busy to care about the Kardashians and Real Housewives to comprehend that he's actively stripping Americans of the freedoms that we are supposedly so proud of in our country. Does a police state sound good to you? Obama and Congress are making it happen. I beg you to watch this and see how our government is working against us. It's dark.

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