December 20, 2012


Walmart is the largest gun dealer in the US, and it isn’t just selling hunting rifles.

The AR-15 is an assault weapon, designed to kill as many human beings as possible, and was the gun used to kill 20 children in the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary shooting last week. It’s also the gun used to kill 2 people in an Oregon mall earlier in the week, and to kill 12 people in an Aurora, CO movie theater this summer.

The AR-15 assault rifle has no place in our communities -- but as of last week, it is sold in 1,700 Walmarts around the country. After the shooting in Newtown, CT last week, Walmart removed that model from its online stores, but it hasn't taken it off its shelves. Meanwhile it’s also stocking a wide varierty of other semi-automatic rifles. Will we need to wait until the next mass shooting for Walmart to take those guns off the shelves?

Tell Walmart: Protect your customers -- stop selling all assault weapons.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, many businesses are re-evaluating their participation in the gun industry. Not only did Walmart stop selling the AR-15 online,  Dick’s Sporting Goods is suspending its sales of military-style assault weapons and the massive private equity firm Cerberus Capital has decided to drop its share in the manufacturer of the AR-15. The Mormon church-owned news and classified site KSL decided to drop ads for guns.

This is our best chance in years to get some of the most dangerous weapons off our streets. Now that we know Walmart is responding to the national conversation, a community coalition led by Rev. Edwin Jones of Washington, DC has asked Walmart to take assault weapons off its shelves. We need to get behind this effort now, while people are still talking about gun control.

There’s good reason to target Walmart. The guns and ammunition on Walmart’s shelves are already leading to bloodshed around the country. When Jared Lee Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other people in Tucson last year, he bought his ammunition at a Walmart. A young Missouri man who was arrested while planning to open fire on a screening screening of Twilight in November had purchased an AR-15 and 400 rounds of ammunition at a Walmart. Community leaders and law enforcement personnel from Indiana to Texas report that criminals can easily steal deadly weapons from Walmart display cases.

Click here to add your name to the petition demanding that Walmart end assault weapon sales.