December 20, 2012


Howard Nations, National Trial Lawyers Association joins Thom Hartmann. Even though their guns are responsible for thousands of deaths every year - the gun industry is largely shielded from any lawsuits related to the deaths and injuries their products cause. How'd we allow the gun industry to gain immunity - and is there any way for this absurd protection to be repealed? We went after Big Tobacco with a massive lawsuit in the 1990's - why can't we do the same against the gun industry?


Try to defend Obama on this. He's a republican. The press and politicians are framing this debate all wrong. They're claiming that they have to sacrifice Social Security, Medicare, etc when we ought to chop defense and the fortune we give away in subsidies for industries making record profits like oil. Great segment

 In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses how Obama is failing progressives during the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. This begins at 17 minutes in, but right before that there's fascinating discussion on the NDAA. If you don't know what is, you really need to watch. Before it's legal to round you up and hold you without a trial.