February 13, 2012


There haven't been this many real songs on iTunes top 100 singles for years! Between Whitney's catalogue and Adele purchases--because I guess some people don't buy a good song until some fool gives it an award?--songwriting has actually eclipsed garbage like the hideous Rack City for once. Underrated Janelle Monae is even featured on the #3 song, We Are Young. I don't like it, but I love her. And why oh why is Glee covering Sexy And I Know It and who would prefer their version to LMFAO's? At least Glee used to pull out fun old stuff. Now they butcher current chart hits? Oh well, this started as an attempt to be positive. Congrats to Whitney, Adele and Janelle!

Two interesting Whitney summations:

Interesting look back at Whitney;s career from the Guardian: "But it was when The Bodyguard (1992) became a monster film hit and the theme song "I Will Always Love You" was so ubiquitous, that I decided to see Houston perform in person. It was at Radio City Hall, New York in 1992 or 1993. She had a band, and she had a stool. There were no dancers, no gimmicks, just that voice. When Houston hit the climax of "I Will Always Love You", there was not a dry eye in the building, mine included."


Whitney Houston: squandered talent of a record-breaking singer who had it all

Born into something approaching soul music royalty, Whitney Houston had a dazzling voice and a troubled personal life