February 11, 2012


Proving that they mean NOTHING, the Grammys have never awarded Diana Ross one award. I personally can't comprehend why people need a committee of anyone to decide what music or movies or plays are "the best." Can't we have different opinions? Diana was a record-breaker with hits--yet the Baha Men got one for the ghastly Who Let The Dogs Out? and she gets none? So they are "honoring" her with a lifetime achievement award.

Ledisi, Questlove, Mark Bradford pay tribute to Diana Ross from the LA Times


Diana Ross has never won a Grammy, though this Saturday she'll be presented with a lifetime achievement award by the Recording Academy celebrating her five-decade career.

Artists influenced by Ross and her music spoke to us about the magnitude of her effect on popular culture, and how her work -- and work ethic -- has inspired them individually. They include drummer/co-founder of the hip-hop group the Roots, Questlove, contemporary R&B, Grammy-nominated singer Ledisi and visual artist Mark Bradford.


Critics often put you in the circle of Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan. In what ways would you say Diana Ross is an influence? What of her singing or performing style makes an impression on you – not just as a fan, but also as a fellow artist?

I love the way Ms. Ross commands a certain presence without asking for it. She can just stand there, look stunning and sing. Her voice is pure and her phrases would end with that little girl smile. She knows how to play on every emotion through a song and at the same time embrace her audience. She does all that while being seductive in a subtle way. I still have not seen anyone else do that. She speaks volumes with simplicity, always giving just enough to leave you wanting more. That’s power.

Here's a very interesting analysis of why Miss Ross is so important from the LA Times: LATIMES