January 26, 2012


Celebrity Air Hostess PAM ANN Launches
Worldwide Tour of Her New Hilarious One-Woman Show in New York,


Inspired by the title song of ABC-TV’s Pan Am, comedian Pam Ann returns to NYC to launch the worldwide tour of her brand new one-woman show, “All Around the World”. Dubbed the original queen of the skies, Pam Ann continues to take passengers on thrill rides at thirty thousand feet above ground in all her raucous productions. Says the Sydney Morning Herald, “Glamorous, vicious, camp and larger than life, the bitchy yet heart-warming trolley dolly in tight candy-pink uniform, enormous hair, huge lashes and disco boots rules the skies.” So shut the F**k up, sit the F**k down, lock your seats in the upright position and prepare for the ride of your life. PAM ANN – AROUND THE WORLD crash-lands at The Triad NYC every Thursday in February at 9pm. The Triad NYC is located at 158 West 72nd Street (2nd Floor)

For more PAM ANN info, visit: www.facebook.com/pamannairhostess & www.pamann.com