January 26, 2012


Finally some good news. LET'S MAKE IT STICK!

Forty-eight hours ago, as state Attorneys General and the Obama Administration met in Chicago, it seemed a near certainty that the President would announce a weak, sweetheart foreclosure settlement with big banks during the State of the Union.

But last night, it was clear that President Obama had heard the calls of the 99%. In the speech, the President announced a full, federal investigation into the fraudulent activities of big banks.

A big congratulations to all of you who took action to achieve this amazing victory. It was because of you and work that we have gotten to this important step in holding the Wall Street and the 1% responsible for our economic crisis accountable.

But the fight doesn’t stop here. The big banks are powerful and they will do anything to stop this investigation in its tracks. We need the administration’s full resources brought to the investigation to make sure it uncovers the truth about the activities of the big banks. We also know that we need at least $300 billion in principal reduction to reset the housing market and rebuild the economy.

Can you contact President Obama today and tell him that we want an investigation with real teeth and that we need at least $300 billion in relief for homeowners to reset our economy and bring justice for families?

By taking action together, we showed the President that a sweetheart deal with Wall Street is unacceptable.

Now let’s make sure Wall Street is held accountable held accountable for its crimes and that we have an economy that works for all of us.

Thanks so much for your action,
Ian, Tracy, Ilana, and The New Bottom Line coalition

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