January 25, 2012


THE END OF AN ERROR--I MEAN ERA! I am so sad that my friend Angel Sheridan, the boisterous emcee with the only hot glue couture who will sit and rhinestone an entire pump to match a dress, is leaving NYC and her long-running gig as headliner at La Escuelita. The place won't be the same without her and that's a fact. When I perform late night with the regular cast, we girls would gripe that Angel's opening monologue was running so long because we were eager to get onstage and do our thing. At the same time we knew that it was running long because the audience was loving her spanglish reads and unique wit. So if you've enjoyed this latina diva over the years, let's give her a fantabulous send-off that's worthy of all the talent she brought to the joint for decades.