February 12, 2012


Obama just appointed this high ranking Monsanto guy as the second highest ranking official in the FDA. And their priority? According to this report, they are conducting an ARMED STING OF AMISH ORGANIC MILK FARMERS--FOR A YEAR! That small amount of milk must really be cutting into some bio-engineered milk producers profits. Meanwhile, here's what else the FDA's been up to: approving artificial sweeteners which the FDA does not require that you even list on the label. Wow! It's that "healthy" that you don't even have to admit that it's in your food? Sounds kind of like the donations to American candidates that even foreign corporations can make to influence our elections without ever disclosing that they've donated or the amount. Good looking out, Obama! What a wonderful advocate for dangerous chemicals you've appointed to protect our foods. I hope Monsanto gave you a great big check so that you can gt re-elected and continue to screw us. "In a seemingly related story, the FDA has approved a new chemical sweetener produced by Monsanto and has reportedly waved all requirements for product labeling. In other words, this new chemical—which some natural foods advocates say has toxicity properties—can be put in foods you buy, even organics, and the label does not have to inform you of it. One California local activist says,

Aspartame can step aside. There’s a new sweetener in town and it isn’t saddled with the inconvenience of having to be listed on labels, so it can be sneaked into any prepared food, even USDA so-called Organic. So sayeth the FDA. Neotame is a Monsanto-created chemical similar to Aspartame, including its neurotoxic properties.

Neotame is now being marketed as Sweetos for use in cattle feed. Molasses has been utlized to get cows to eat foods made unpalatable by chemical additives. Neotame is both less costly than molasses and subject to fewer regulations. How do you like that? A natural food is more stringently regulated than a known-poisonous chemical that’s put into food.

The reach of Neotame is likely to be extensive. They’re planning to replace other artificial sweeteners with it. A major seller of artificial sweeteners, which goes by the misleading name of Ensigns Health Care Pvt Ltd, intends to use it in place of sucralose." MORE: