February 11, 2012


Didn't she almost have it all? A thrilling voice, a stunning beauty, a natural elegance and even acting ability. Just one of those talents is enough for many. So sad that Whitney's demons got the best of her. It's tragic that no one in her life could get through to her. But as she said herself: "The biggest devil is me. I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy." If you know someone who is engaging in life-threatening behaviors whether it's drug abuse or barebacking or driving drunk--please try to get through to them. Or something this awful can happen. It's the same with Amy Winehouse. She may not have been using drugs when she died but the body can't take that scale of abuse for that long a period. Sometimes we don't speak up dire warnings because we don't want to be uncool and scold anyone. But sometimes scolding is caring. I know that people tried, but I suppose Whitney just wouldn't let anyone care.

I was literally djing at a mall and someone told me she had died. I misheard them and thought they said that she was at the mall. So I rushed and put on Step By Step, hoping she'd hear it. Then they said she'd died. I couldn't believe it but was being rent-a-clown and they don't pay a sad clown. This is a huge loss but I guess the artist we knew was already a shell of her former, majestic self. I didn't really want to get into the Who's worthy of doing a tribute to her at the Grammys? game but I will say this. I don't know of many nominated this year that had it like she did.

I wonder if it is a responsibility that she had to bear that she could slay people so effortlessly? Does it become something someone like her comes to resent? I don't think many people could answer that. I know she was heavily groomed and forced to do things/record things she didn't even like, so maybe that's why she rebelled SO hard. Against herself.

Feel the power--at age 19!

This is amazing and I never even liked this song much. But you can hear her magic without the corny synth groove.


Every gay on every dance floor knew every one of Whitney's ad libs. Her version of I'm Every Woman turned the butchest muscle men into temporary drag queens. I wish we had more vocalists like her now. Can you imagine auto-tuning THAT voice? Well, they might have had to for her last album but Million Dollar Bill was one of my all-time faves by her. A Loleatta Holloway sample under a song written by Alicia Keys and even with ravaged vocal chords that woah-woah-woah-woah-woah-woah-woahs leading into the chorus always gets a crowd rocking. Her last hit.