December 28, 2011


I love that this website, dedicated to "exposing And Combatting Liberal Media Bias" has taken issue with the NY TImes for giving my show a positive review. They don't feel that's appropriate for a "family paper." I don't recall the Times calling itself a family paper--that's USA today. Whatever! If I'm annoying these people, I'm doing my job! If the sewer mouth bugs them, I hope they'll check out my politics sometime!

NY Times Honors 'Sewer Mouth on Go-Go Wings'

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It’s always odd to see a “family newspaper” aglow over profane entertainment that it couldn’t possibly describe in its pages. That celebration of the unprintable happened in Monday’s New York Times, with a David Rooney theater review headlined “Under the Bouffant, a Sewer Mouth on Go-Go Wings.”

Rooney’s supposedly sublime “sewer mouth” was the drag queen named “Lady Bunny” (real name: Jon Ingle, born 1962) who’s dragged the drag divas back out of the mushy mainstream: