November 17, 2011


It's so insane to see all of the tabloids and dailies with Kim Kardashian on the cover ripping her and her fake family apart now that her sham wedding has been exposed. And these are the same mags which built up this no-talent! The real sham is that there was never anything special about her except a pretty face, hot body and a sex tape. Before reality TV, a whore like this would've just gone into porn, but our standards are so low that no-talent whores now rise to the top of what used to be a talent-based industry. The real losers are the impressionable kids who see a greedy, phony slut as the nation's #1 star and make Kardashian or Hilton as their last names. Think of the lessons they've learned from her. Just as when Britney was melting down and shaving her head, these kids feel that however awful the coverage is, the star is "winning" because of the magnitude of the press. A rotten lesson for them.