February 14, 2011


To publicize my appearance at San Fran's Rrazz Room this Friday and Saturday, I had to endure an interview with my long-standing San Francisco rival Shreklina via Bebe Sweetbriar.

JUNGLE RED from Edge.com:

Have you ever wondered what it is was like being the referee at the Ali Vs. Frazier fight back in the day?

Well, I got a little taste of what that might have been like when I spoke with Drag legends Heklina (Trannyshack) and Lady Bunny (Wigstock) about their competing shows in San Francisco which happen to be occurring during the same President’s Day Weekend period.

These two dragsters have known each other for years, and with that, know the cheapest punches to throw to get each other pumped up. With Heklina’s Trannyshack Stevie Nicks Tribute occurring at DNA Lounge on February 18, and Lady Bunny bringing her That Ain’t No Lady show to the Rrazz Room February 18 and 19, there’s definitely gonna be some low blows for the all mighty drag dollar that weekend.

I did a conference call with the rival drag stars and let me tell you, being in the middle of that discussion was no reverse Oreo cookie for me!


BB: If you had to compare one another to one thing that irritates you, what would it be and why?

Heklina: Well, the obvious answer would be a cockroach, because Bunny just won’t die. But the honest answer is that she’s also like a case of anal warts, irritating and always getting in the way of a good time.

Lady Bunny: Hek, don’t pretend that anal warts scare you away. There are too many of those warts on your tongue and lips for that. And I guess that explains your breath, too.