February 13, 2011


Nothing against Lady Antebellum--they're cute and have some nice harmonies. But just because they had a non-soul song called Hey, Soul Sister doesn't qualify them to pay a tribute to Teddy Pendergrass and then sing a tiny bit of 1 of his song and then a few of theirs which don't mix well. Teddy deserved better.

Love Cee-Lo's son F#ck You. Hated his outfit, but I guess it's better than boring? And while Gwyneth sounded ok, let the man sing his own song. These pairings are so dumb. And they didn't even put a light on Gwyneth when she walked down the stairs--pitiful.

No they did not cut over to a shot of Nichole Kidman with a face full of botox and fillers mouthing "Teenage Dream" with her trout pout mouth! She's having one!