June 08, 2010



I salute all members of younger generations who are empathetic and caring. Unfortunately, there are 40% less of you to salute nowadays. A disturbing new study by the University of Michigan has concluded that today's youth are "one of the most self-centered, narcissistic, competitive, confident and individualistic in recent history... It's not surprising that this growing emphasis on the self is accompanied by a corresponding devaluing of others."

I see republicans in our future...

I realize that these are the results of one study and therefore not conclusive. I also realize that since I'm from an older generation and the elderly always whine about "back in my day" and how things have changed for the worse. So young 'uns, feel free to put me in my place as an old-timer. Guilty as charged. But PLEASE read this first. "Many in this current generation have had repeated lifetime exposure to violent video games and films, and there is a growing body of research suggesting that violent video games (and perhaps films) are a cause of increased aggressive behavior, thoughts, and feelings, and a decrease in empathy and prosocial behavior across both gender and culture."

Have you also noticed that a generation so tuned in technologically is so tuned out socially? Social skills, from my own non-scientific observations, are definitely on the way out. And might this lack of empathy be the reason that we now need TV commercials to lure people to the teaching and nursing professions--which require the ability to care and nurture and NOT be all about yourself? In fact, despite our awful unemployment rate, nurses are regularly imported from other countries in large numbers. Teaching and nursing jobs also don't earn enough to earn the trimmings of "celebrity" that kids are constantly bombarded with images of. Take that MTV show which gives teens tens of thousands of dollars for their birthday parties so they can arrive in limos, walk the red carpet and hire big name recording artists to perform. You rotten brats, I was happy to get ice cream and cake! And PS: It isn't called the paparazzi WHEN IT'S YOUR F#CKING SISTER!

I'm always shocked by people expressing the notion that they're perfect just the way they are and that anyone who dares to disagree with them is called a hater. I am a hater of this commonly heard statement: "Only god can judge me." No darlin'! A judge, a cop, a prospective employer or anyone who sees you engaging in anti-social behavior can judge you. Because if you're that rotten, according to christian values, god has probably already judged your pompous ass! And the judgment was not in your favor. Don't get me wrong: I strongly approve of everyone who stands up for their individuality in the face of stuffy establishment norms. But not with a nasty "Fuck all 'all!" sentiment. What does it say about this generation that the current fad for posing in pix is giving the camera the finger?

Video games bleeping and buzzing doesn't do much for attention spans, either. Maybe that's why our news is now reduced to sound bites. Because that's about all we can focus on. Sadly, this type of ignorance has spread to all generations. I mean, how mindless do we have to be to sit and watch a reality show on which there's a fight scene. Then the camera cuts to someone being interviewed who say "They were really mad." Duh!

To end on a positive note, here's what the author of the article below recommends: "it would behoove those of us in a position to influence today's youth to pay attention and be proactive about it while we can. Paying attention to the forces that influence children and young people so that they can grow up to be empathic is not only better for them, but ultimately better for us all."

I'm prepared to do my part and be "proactive" about this. It will be difficult and time-consuming but this is something I care deeply about and I'm even prepared to put my flourishing international career on hold if I must. So all you well-hung hispanic guys 18-30 please email me privately for empathy lessons, which will begin with me blowing you. Trust me: when you see a mature, portly transvestite, dazed on post-surgery pain pills and smeared with theatrical cosmetics drop down to "her" rotted knee to grunt and wheeze hungrily on your untainted meat as the scent of denture grip fills the air of a shabby apartment, let me assure you: YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO FEEL EMPATHY! Results, however, are temporary and lessons must frequently be repeated for decades to achieve the maximum effect. I look forward to you corresponding with you. The only payment I require is a 6-pack of Schlitz malt liquor.


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