April 02, 2010



Now for some tips for taking better care of our skin from Crystal Vigil,
owner and aesthetician of A Little Touch of Heaven in Newport Beach, Calif.:

Drink a glass of water per hour. It really does help flush toxins through
your system and helps with digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion.
(I think you will also get in your exercise by going to the bathroom.
Remember, 2500 steps=a mile.)

Vitamins--best 3 for skin is A, E, and zinc, which can combat stress
breakouts and aid in regulation the skin's oil gland activity.
(Just take a multi-vit/multi mineral for your all-overs.)

Quick fix for puffy eyes: Steep two black tea bags. Refrigerate for 15 min
and apply them to tired eyes. The mix of cold and herbs is sure to
jump-start circulation and reduce inflammation.

For breakouts try this homemade spot treatment: Combine one part brewer's
yeast and one part lemon extract. The brewer's yeast will draw out
impurities while the citric acid in the lemon will aid in cell turnover. It
goes on quite wet, and it'll dry and harden. That's drawing impurities of
the skin.

Bacteria can harbor in the most unthinkable places and come into contact
with your skin causing breakouts. Make sure to change your pillowcase every
other day (ha!),wash your makeup sponge or brush with antibacterial soap
weekly, and dry your face after washing with a paper towel that you can
throw away. These little extras may make all the difference. (This lady
does not have a life.)

Most people like to have a squeaky clean feeling while washing their face so
they use foaming cleansers. But, they dehydrate skin and made it produce
more oil. Try a milk-based or get cleanser instead.
Now, go do it! Love, Mama