April 02, 2010


IF OBAMA IS ADVOCATING WHAT SARAH PALIN WANTED, YOU KNOW HE'S OFF-BASE. THE AMOUNT OF OIL WE'D GET WOULD BE MINISCULE (LIKE A FEW MONTHS WORTH FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY'S CONSUMPTION) AND WE WOULDN'T EVEN GET ANY OF THIS OIL UNTIL 2017! He's trying to throw republicans a bone again even though they are clearly not giving h...im one vote on anything. He did pass some sort f health care refrom so maybe this is part of a larger policy. But you don't solve an addiction to oil by looking for a new dealer who ain't got but a couple of bags left!


There are so many reasons to say no to off-shore drilling.

First, wind and solar
power create two to three times more jobs than oil.

But countries like China and Germany are taking the lead
in the renewable energy race while we're wasting time and money on oil drilling.

Off-shore drilling will kill jobs in struggling coastal tourist towns and fishing

But economists agree that it will do nothing to lower gas prices.

Since we consume so
much more oil than we could ever produce, new drilling will not reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle East.

Finally, off-shore drilling is incredibly dirty. One oil spill is all it takes
to destroy an ecosystem, and oil spills still happen every day.

We know President Obama cares about clean energy, and he's shown he's willing to rethink his position when necessary. But
we need to let him know right now that he's way off track here. Click here to add your name to the petition: MOVEON