February 25, 2010


We had a wonderful performance of When Joey Married Bobby tonight--despite the snow. One of the most savvy audienceS who "got" everything and more gays than usual so they appreciated the "reads" more than a straighter crowd. But I was chomping at the bit to see the news with insurce reform hanging in the balance.

Obama was smart to force this debate with both parties to be televised. But honey, it doesn't matter what the republicans have to say at this point. The voted again and again not to even discuss health care reform, much less pass something which we all desperately need. Scott Brown just won a senate seat by claiming that he'd be the vote that defeated health care. Republican Jim Demint-ed wanted the defeat of health care to be Obama's Waterloo--that is his word.

But if you defeat the president at every turn, how does the country progress at all in the 4 years Obama's in office? Republicans slammed newly elected Massachusetts senator Scott Brown for deserting his fellow republicans to vote for a democrat-sponsored jobs bill yesterday. As if there is any question that our high unemployment rates don't warrant some kind of jobs bill! Republicans want to paint EVERY suggestion by Obama as over-the-top socialist crap put forward by a muslim non-American citizen. Not only is this not true, but if this dishonest ideology wins, the country loses out on jobs and health care reform.

Obama told Lamar Alexander that his assertions were not "factually accurate."
Obama, that's a lie! Call it one! Shame him! And hold republicans' feet to the fire for not wanting to reform health care at all as Wellpoint announces a 39% increase in premiums. 1 in 9 insured americans are covered by Wellpoint--but the scheisters change their name from state to state to make it harder to track them down.

Obama, the republicans will not give you an inch. So why are you watering down insurance reform which has already passed both houses of congress to try to please them? In doing so, you're losing your base!

Republicans opposed social security and medicare. But former democratic legislators and executive branches had the balls to say WE KNOW THESE PROGRAMS ARE RIGHT EVEN IF THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE TOO DUMB TO KNOW THEIR BEST INTERESTS BECAUSE INSURANCE/PHARMA LOBBYISTS SPEND MILLIONS PER DAY TO POISON OUR PERCEPTIONS AGAINST REFORMING HEALTH CARE. We have been bitching about our broken insurance system for decades! Suddenly it's a bad idea? Health care costs cause more bankruptcies than anything else in this country!

Obama, you know that meaningful, far-reaching reform is right for our people. Do the right thing and let's try to fix this country with bold strokes and no pandering to people who are looking for your Waterloo. OR THEY'LL SURELY FIND IT. Cuz you'll lose your base with your wishy-washy let-me-go-to-the-center-and-get-none-of-the-things--you-campaigned-on tactics.