February 24, 2010



Someone posted this on my facebook page yesterday and I didn't fully grasp it. Some trash interviewed on Fox news (natch) has claimed that the homosexuality is punishable by death, according to the bible. But the LA Times reports that the city of Beverly Hills is "shocked" by her title because there is no such title as Miss Beverly Hills.

So why would Fox interview her and honor her title without even investigating it? Because they want to spread their hateful ideology so much that they air the misguided psycho Glen Beck even though all of his advertisers have pulled out because of HIS outrageous statements.

A month ago we were screaming that fundamentalists were influencing Uganda to adopt death to homos legislation. So now we know that they will air their poisonous views in this country as well. Not happy to keep us from getting married, enlisted and fair housing and employment. They want us dead! And every time you watch Glee, American Idol, Bones, Cops or the NAACP Image awards you put money in the pockets of conservatives at Fox who want to kill gays. This should deeply disturb all gays and anyone who cares about equal rights for all. Wake up people. Or just keep paying evil people who wanna murder you because you love watching one of the contestants on American Idol. Paying for your own death. That's what you're doing.