July 21, 2009



July is coming to a close, which means Lady Bunny is fast approaching! Check her out on July 29 at Celebrities, but before you do, here's our exclusive interview from this month's issue of V-Rag.

Interview by Michael Venus
Photo by Sergio Kardenas

If you’re talking about quintessential Drag Queens, this “Lady” is at the top of the list when it comes to movers and shakers and leaving a LEGENDARY lasting impression. I remember the first time I ever saw Lady Bunny live was at Stone Wall 25 Celebration in Central Park in New York City many moons ago. I was fascinated by her high-pitched southern belle voice and her sick, sick sixties style and sensibility, with numbers that always seemed to shock and offend. The “Lady” always manages to keep her manners in the gutter with her nutty humor, crass-trash talk and campy performances that celebrate pop culture with her twisted parodies. Bunny continues to appear on stages all over the globe, sharing her sassy sentiment and has been at the forefront of the Drag Movement that started out of New York in the late eighties and early nineties. This coincided with her outdoor drag festival Wigstock, an event that continues to this day (although currently on hiatus). I met The Lady Bunny ten years ago in NYC and later that year performed at Wigstock, which was surreal and fabulous. Over the years, Bunny has visited and performed in Vancouver for us, hosting Wiggle, Pride events and appearing on The House of Venus Show. She remains a hilariously quick-witted Queen who has become a cultural icon, and who isn’t afraid to be herself and speak her mind when it comes to social and political issues.

When I caught up with Lady Bunny, asking simply how she was, her reply was as colourful as her skirt; “The recession has really hurt my hooking business – or could that be my advanced age? So I’m touring more. But that’s not a real complaint in a recession. I just hate that nervous feeling when the wolf’s at my door. I want that wolf to come inside and fuck me...again. But I would never dream of having sex with an animal that was underage. Unless they were already dead. I do maintain certain standards”.