July 18, 2009


I worshipped Borat, but felt a little let down by Bruno. Sure, there were some screamer moments where the whole theater hollered, but I felt that it was the same joke, different character. Both Borat and Bruno are foreign retards who mispronounce words in a funny way and never seem to grasp what is really going on because of their delusional self-importance. Of course, there are some ill moments where Bruno exposes the lunacy of the American people, and the wrestling scene (like the stadium scene is Borat) is rich. Especially if it's real. I couldn't help but think that perhaps due to the fame of Borat, some of Bruno's interviewees were aware of who this guy was and coached to seem un-actor-y. Plus, whereas everyone can appreciate the craziness of Borat's exotic background, I felt that the gay jokes played better to a straight crowd who may not be used to seeing dildo and gerbil references, which are old hat to this old jaded queen. But these gripes aside, I see few mainstream films and this was worth $12.50. Great wig and Bruno's styling is uber-rotten.


Blogger misssally said...

And the simulated rim job scene? loved it!

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