December 26, 2008



Crazy Birds Attack Chicago Citizens

Chicago authorities issued a warning in June for people walking along Lake Michigan to beware of dive bombing blackbirds after a number of attacks happened which media reports said were reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror film The Birds.

“Cyclists and pedestrians complain of being pecked after being chased for up to 100m (109 yards) by the creatures,” the BBC reported, “Potential victims are taking new precautions to avoid the birds by changing their commuting patterns or cycling only with a helmet.”

The new aerial threat emerged weeks after British farmers warned that previously docile ravens have started ambushing lambs, sheep and even baby calves, with Scotland one of the worst locations for raids.

“Raven attacks have become a huge problem across a wide area of the country,” farmers representative Johnny Hall told the Guardian in May, “The attacks are so horrific that it's causing mental suffering to people who find the animals,” he added.

Also in Scotland, press reports emerged in March of a crow which dive bombed mothers outside St Margaret's Roman Catholic Primary School in Dunfermline, in one case becoming entangled in the hair of Dee Forrester, 40.

"The next thing I knew something was flapping at my head and I felt claws digging into my scalp," Ms Forrester told the BBC, "I screamed and started running as fast as I could. When I turned round, there was a big black crow sitting on the fence."


Barefoot Doctor Bit: What's the Best Way to Eradicate Envy?

Barefoot Doctor: "Envy is misplaced inspiration. We are all artists, our lives are works of art. As artists we need and thrive on influence from others: role models who inspire us in various aspects of the creation process, either by the way they operate their creative process, ie the way they earn their money, style- and quantity-wise, or the way they use their resources, ie the way they spend their money and the lifestyle they enjoy as a result, including the sort of people they appear to enjoy it with.

In our healthy state we are inspired by this input and happily use it as a guide to how we create our own works of art and arrange our lives progressively more beautifully and excitingly for ourselves and everyone around to enjoy.

In our depleted state, when our energy is low, hence feeling less capable of creating the lives we really want, we succumb to envy instead of inspiration, despising the one who appears to be more advanced or progressed along the path of success.

However as all thoughts transmitted have energy, which invariably rebounds on the sender multiplied (what goes around comes around, in other words), this negative output will rebound and further exacerbate your depleted state, thus instigating a downwardly spiralling vicious cycle. The main benefit of envy, providing you remain mindful and awake to the unpleasant sensation it provokes within, is to serve as a default reminder to guide your thoughts away from the negative and to wish the other well instead.

The more you wish the other well, the more you invite the possibility of you attaining to similar or even greater heights of success. By wishing the other well, you place yourself on the same energetic success frequency as them and benefits will follow over time as a result. In fact, wishing well to others, who appear to have or be more than you, and wishing it with a true heart is one of the most effective triggers for instigating a boost to your own success."the most effective triggers for instigating a boost to your own success.”


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