December 26, 2008



It's a good thing barbecue is so popular in Texas -- worst case, the state's dentally challenged can simply gum their fall-off-the-bone favorite. In ranking the nation's best and worst teeth, two Lone Star State cities -- El Paso and Lubbock -- finish in the bottom 10, with San Antonio and Dallas close behind. Nor is this just a beauty contest, given that poor oral hygiene is linked to higher risks of heart disease, stroke, and even pancreatic cancer.

Our analysis includes stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the number of people who visit their dentists for annual checkups, the number of no-shows whose choppers are dropping out, and the number of households with fluoride on tap. And since warding off gum disease is key to keeping your smile, we also factored in who's flossing, from Mediamark Research. When the computer spit out the results, it became clear that some drilling is needed in Texas, and we don't mean for oil.


(There are actually 2 really good tips which I'd never heard of, one from a British dental expert. They exist?)


Blogger Mitzi said...

I must say this about myself, I do have a lovely set of teeth, they're all my own, and I have the receipt to prove it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

West Virginia still is the most-toothless state in the union.

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