November 15, 2008


On Thursday, Jason Weasmon was shooting a bunch of locals for HX's 900th anniversary issue, at HX's office. The NEW YORK BLADE is also published by HX (The Politically Incorrect Party Paper), and I was surprised to see this on the cover of the October 17th issue:


Does Condi’s Sexuality Matter? By Lou Chibbaro Jr.

Insiders blame gay rumors for Rice’s GOP VP snub. But what other reasons could have kept her from the Sarah Palin spot? LGBT political experts weigh in.

Did rumors about her sexuality derail Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s chance at the GOP vice presidency? That’s the latest buzz according to prominent Republicans on the Hill.

Rumors about Rice’s sexual orientation are nothing new. But they gained traction recently when Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Glenn Kessler reported in his book that Rice jointly owns a house and shared a line of credit with an unmarried woman in California.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Condi was not nominated b/c everyone knew the democrats would be running against Bush. Having a prominent Bush cabinet member on the ticket might have been the one idea worse than having Palin on it. Also, Condi didn't want the job.

10:49 PM  

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