November 15, 2008


Too bad it wasn't mine! But I was channel-surfing and had forgotten that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is airing again. (Actually, an even more insane detective drama called GENE PERRY came on after that--in black and white, with the murderess turning out to be a wealthy, tripped-out housewife on psychedelic drug punch poured from am ornate sliver pitcher!) MISSION has the richest look to it--I assume it was shot on real film. And how better to capture the exquisite guest star (as a spy) JOAN COLLINS! I didn't see the regular agent Barbara Bain (is there a more glamorous name?) but the Wikipedia entry reveals that Barbara's character was named Cinnamon Carter! Ba-hah-hah! I'd forgotten that bit of trivia if I ever knew it. I loved the show as a kid, but the plots are so complex that I still don't always understand them. Well, not when I'm jerking off to someone's eye makeup while trying to shoot pics of the TV so that I might share a young Miss Collins' loveliness with you.


Anyhoo, Joan hooked up with the series' star Peter Graves, and the two made quite stunning pair with her black hair in a braid sculpture and his frosted silver hair.

I was never a Dynasty fan, but I was glad that Joan had her day. A true beauty with the largest, most wide set eyes in the business, long before the 1980's I fell in love with her in a Hollywood B movie where she's shipwrecked on a beach with several men. If anyone knows the name of that film I'd love to track it down and re-watch it. I believe it would have been late 50's or early 60's. But to see her in the late 60's with this heavy Liza lash--which you know I tend to favor--her eye is so massive and luminous that it just isn't fair! Pure heaven!

Later on in the episode, the couple'ss thrown in jail in a brunette bob!

"Here, each of her bewitching eyes is actually larger than her mouth!", cried the beady-eyed drag queen!

And this, my friends, is what you'd call bone structure. She is truly magnificent. Still is, actually.


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work bunny with yr camera

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The movie you're remembering is "Our Girl Friday" and it was produced in 1953. I'm sure if you google that title in quotation marks you'll find online places which sell or rent the DVD, but you might have a hard time getting it outside of the UK.

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