September 18, 2008



One-legged transsexual darts ace told to hop it
Published: 17 Sep 2008

A LADIES darts team claim they were kicked out of a league because one of their players used to be a bloke.
Melanie Partlow joined the side two years ago after a sex op transformed her from a married forklift truck driver called Mick.

One-legged Melanie, 57, a double top specialist, became a star and helped win several cups.

But now Colliers B ladies have been axed from the Cheslyn Hay women’s league near Cannock, Staffs.

Officials say it is because team members have used foul and abusive language during matches.

But the players believe it is because opponents have complained about Melanie.

Captain Leanne Gardiner, 29, said: “They gave us no official reason, but it’s obviously prejudice against Melanie.


“They said there had been a vote by ten of the 12 teams in the league and they didn’t want us in it.

“Melanie is feeling awful as it’s pretty clear that it’s down to her.

“The other players often ignored her, but nothing was said to her face.

“We’re all behind Melanie - it’s disgusting what’s happened.”

Transsexual Melanie, from Cannock, had her sex-change op in Thailand after she and her then-wife Sue won £250,000 on the lottery — a story revealed by The Sun two years ago.

The redhead, who lost part of a leg after an illness, said joining the darts team was the only thing that kept her from a complete breakdown during bouts of depression.

She said: “They all know about me and I answer every question they ask, including the one most people are scared to ask.

“Most women are OK with me, but some refuse to shake my hand and won’t touch me.

“It’s daft because I feel as much of a woman as they are.”

A league spokesman said: “Some women do find her a bit off-putting, but it is the team’s language that was the problem.”