September 17, 2008


Though I regularly blast them, I will credit CNN for covering an interesting story last night about Sarah Palin's record as mayor of Wasilla and Alaska last night. I think it's very telling about how inept she is for mayor of a small town, much less the 2nd most powerful person on earth.

Sarah wanted to build sports stadium and raised local sales taxes by 25% in order to fund the complex. It wasn't an overly popular development, since it's funding only passed by 20 votes. But building began, even though the land on which it was being erected did not completely belong to Wasilla. Wasilla had actually lost the bid on the property to a Gary Lundgren, who naturally insisted that the town purchase the land from him. Sarah sued and lost. Naturally, Lundren had Wasilla over a barrel since they had foolishly started building on land they didn't own! By the time the negotiations had ended, the bill for the land had jumped from $145,000 to $1,500,000! Now doesn't that sound like a smart businesswoman with good judgement and her town's interests at heart? Although it is not clear that this occurred while Palin was still mayor, at one point Lundgren offered to give them some of the land if they would simply stop suing. Even though Wasilla was clearly in the wrong and were forced to pay not only whatever price Lundgren asked for the land, but also his all of his legal legal fees.

All this for Sarah's pet project, a sports complex. She's raising taxes by 25% and running as a fiscal conservative? SHE IS A POSSESSED MONSTER MASQUERADING AS A CHRISTIAN HOCKY MOM!