September 18, 2008


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"What's wrong with a miniskirt? You can cause an
accident because some of our people are weak
mentally," - Nsaba Buturo, Uganda's Minister for
Ethics and Integrity.

Don't stop til your nose falls off

Jacko's behaviour finally explained - possibly

It's five years since US authorities started
investigating Michael Jackson for child abuse.
We hear from someone who worked on the Martin
Bashir interview that triggered it that Jacko
forgot to take his mike of when going to the
bathroom. The TV crew were treated to loud sounds
of sniffing. Cue the touchy-feely talkativeness
which got him into that mess. Was a chemical
lift in the cubicle to blame? (Not to mention
the nose which regularly falls off...?)

(BUNNY NOTE: I find this MJ dirt to be unlikely--he's never given off a coke-y vibe and his nose problems are more likely to be cause by repeated surgery.)

News from the Space-Waiter this week:

* David Beckham - his clothes, shoes and papers
are always neatly, but a bit obsessively
arranged. He likes black tea with 4 sugars.

* Mariah Carey is really sweet. She walks to
the toilet barefoot on tip toes. ("We think she
changes into her invisible in-flight high heels").

* Ricky Martin wears orange lipstick.