March 13, 2008


And what I really don't understand about Ferraro's comment is that, to paraphrase Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio, ]since when is being a black man an entree into the upper echelons of politics?


Blogger Wild Oscar said...

This guy is a load of shit. I can't believe you Bunny. I'd have thought that you would be sticking up for Geraldine.

What she said was totally true. The Obama supporters constantly say aloud that he would be great to have as a president because of the 'hope' he would bring, and the 'message' it would send, and what a 'symbol' it would be. This is all code for saying that what he looks like is factored into their decision to vote for him.

Blacks are voting for Obama en masse, and you can't say it’s for his stand on the issues either. Obama's policy on immigration and amnesty would harm those earning the lowest wages. Many, if not most Black people fall into that category. They are voting for him primarily because he is black.

Many of the whites in the United States seem to have succumbed to an indoctrinated white guilt, and seem to try to assuage it by developing an acute case a negrophilia. For example the white ladies of Iowa who delivered the state to Obama congratulated themselves for doing something positive for humanity by voting for a black man. They were partly or primarily voting for him because of his skin color, instead of voting for merit and ability.

Like the boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes, Geraldine Ferraro was calling it as we all know it is. It's total bullshit calling her a racist. She is right when she said to shout that accusation at her was racist against whites. A person of any other race would have had the concept of their statement analyzed in the media. But because it came out of a white face, there has been no discussion of the statement’s validity. It was immediately dismissed as 'racist' (whatever that means nowadays- do you know?), because she is white.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that people in the US are obsessing about this issue when there are so many pressing real problems which the two candidates can debate on. e.g. the Iraq war, global warming, and perhaps, most importantly, the state of the US economy.

With the financial system in a precarious state, the US$ has now sunk to a record low and oil prices to a record high. Inflation or hyperinflation (remember the late 70's?) will impoverish all wage earning americans even as falling house prices erodes their asset base. The fact all the candidates don't seem to think that this is a problem makes me worry for the future of your country!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary is only on the ballot due to nepotism (any other woman from Arkansas who had never even held elected office before would never have been permitted to run for senator of New York; this was the "stepping stone" to her curent campaign.) That's just a fact. Our country fought a revolution to get rid of rule by monarchy. I think its a shame to say that Obama is "only where he is because he's black"--so debatable--while ignoring the fact that Hillary is trying to be queen, not president.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that everyone likes to point out that blacks are supporting Obama -- as if it's proof of a sinister plot or some other problem. White women are supporting Clinton but that's okay. Geraldine Ferraro must think she was the most qualified person for Vice President when she was selected by Mondale, that her gender or race had nothing to do with it. Bless the poor old thing.

I think one of the most promising aspects of Obama's campaign is that it means the beginning of goodbye to all of these old party type democratic shitwads that have done so little for us for so long.

Would I vote for Clinton if she won the nomination? Of course I would, in the same way I voted for Kerry, Gore, etc.: holding my nose and crossing my fingers. In the meantime, I'm holding out for Obama.

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