March 11, 2008



So glad that the demented Stephen Pell aka Bella (a Theater Tweed regular) is back on the boards! And David Ilku is always a winning performer so I'll clue you in on another upcoming appearance of his--on a panel of performance art. Sound horrible? I agree! But this panel's a little different.

Ridykeulous (Nicole Eisenman & A.L. Steiner) presents an "over-animated" "panel discussion" featuring "emergency performative interventions" by Juliana Snapper, Feral (aka Caron Geary), K8 Hardy, David Ilku and robbinschilds, "pontifications" by Dean Daderko, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Chitra Ganesh and Dr. Laurie Weeks, "visual" obfuscations by Wynne Greenwood, planningtorock, Claude Wampler, Sophie Whetnall and more, we swear!

Saturday, March 15, 2008
2-6 PM
PS1 Contemporary Art Center
22-25 Jackson Ave. (at the intersection of 46th Ave.)
Long Island City, New York 11101 USA
tel. 718.784.2084

It's FREE & presented in conjunction with WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution @ PS1

HERE'S A PIC OF PANELIST FERAL FROM THE OUTRAGEOUS LONDON BAND CANTANKEROUS. I love that this freak will be staying at my place while I'm in Miami dj'ing for Tipper Gore! Cuckoo!



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