March 12, 2008


For a minute, I thought I was happy with both democratic candidates. I still will vote for whichever democrat wins the nomination. But Hillary has really been showing her nasty side when she ought to be stepping aside and not breaking up the democratic party so that Obama, who I think will be the nominee, is weakened by her attacks. Don't we need to unite the party so that he can win against McCain? Can we take another term of Republican madness? Statistically, she can't win the nomination unless she continues to cheat.

Maybe you disagree with me. But haven't you often been enthralled and inspired by Keith Olberman's rants against George Bush and the war?

Well, if you trust Keith, please check out his anti-Hillary rant tonight on MSNBC. Keith has passionately and fearlessly told the truth about a variety of issues and become one of the most noted journalists as a result. I urge everyone, but especially Hillary supporters, to check it out tonight on MSNBC. Or tomorrow on youtube.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Bunny. I enjoy reading your blog. But I think that you are wrong on your position that Clinton should pull out of the race and let Obama have the nomination before all primaries and caucuses are completed and the delegates accounted for.

Both candidates will go into the convention lacking the 2,025 delegates needed to take the nomination. At that point the process established by the democratic party will kick in and we will select a nominee. The party will not be weakened by this - I think that most people will rally around the nominee to defeat McCain.

Both candidates are fighting for the super delegates - often bestowing large donations to political campaigns and calling in political favors. Both campaigns are engaging in politics as usual - so much for changing the way things normally work.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think people should be president just because their dad was, or because their husband was. The fact of the matter is that Hillary Rodham would not be a candidate if she were not Mrs. Bill. So really we could turn around Ferraro's statement and say that Hillary wouldn't be in this position if she weren't a woman (b/c boys aren't allowed to marry Bill Clinton).

Won't someone finally say the N-word that _really_ haunts this election?: Nepotism!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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