December 29, 2007


An effervescent hostess interviews colorfully-costumed sex changes in pulsating Rio de Janeira! What more could you want? Except maybe that it was in english? Apparently, Hudson, NY's mayoral candidate Lady Esther Gyn (who sent me these videos) was also interview, but perhaps the footage was not inclue since the only words the slut knows in portuguese translate to top, bottom, and elephant trunk.

And if you too are a whore who loves to drool over fresh meat, check out the handsome hunks in Mr. Gay Brazil 2007! Makes me wanna go eat some rice and beans--out they assholes! But why, oh why do they have to use DANCING QUEEN as the winner's theme? I interview the winner towards the end in a dramatic new wig look.

This clip is from the same pageant, but a few real girls try to tempt the gay boys, with every excuse used to show their tits and asses.

Andd about that elephant trunk...


Blogger Violatrix said...

Great Interview!

You've lost weight!

3:23 PM  

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