December 27, 2007


Tonight at 11 PM, MSNBC is scheduled to premiere “Born in the Wrong Body: On the Edge,” a documentary about transgenders in the house/ball community. The producers of the documentary conducted extensive interviews with members of NYC’s transgender community over a number of weeks and even followed some to the House of Latex Ball at Roseland. Expect to see exciting femme queen battle footage from the ball this past August.

The following description is from the MSNBC website:

Born in the Wrong Body: On the Edge (Premiere)
"Ballroom" is a world unto its own—synonymous with outrageous costumes and competitive voguing. It's a wild and spectacular scene, where transgender people are in their element—and celebrated for who they are. But the over-the-top clothes and party atmosphere belie the serious problems that transgender people face in the everyday world.

MSNBC is Ch. 14 on Time Warner Cable in NYC. Not sure about other cable systems. Check local listings, etc.


Blogger Hedda Lettuce said...

I will surely check it out. WIll you be appearing in the show?

10:09 AM  

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