August 06, 2007


I'VE HAD IT! (Reprinted with Jackie's permission.)

I am anti-religion -- I vehemently hate it. There, I said it! And I am sick of walking on egg shells out of concern for other people's feelings. If you honestly believe that the world is only 12,000 years old -- if you choose to ignore the dinosaur bones and the carbon dating and all the other evidence to the contrary -- then you deserve to have your feelings hurt because you, my friend, ARE A MORON. No, I do not respect your so-called beliefs. Why should I? Most religious folk do not respect the fact that people such as myself even exist -- and you can SEE me! And save your emails and letters -- I am religiously non-religious. In other words, my mind is made up!

I hate ALL religions because they are slavery, but for the sake of space I shall attack (yes, ATTACK -- just like "they" attack us as Gay people) the most popular pack of lies believed by many US citizens, not to mention our borderline retarded president, Christianity. And do not think for one minute that because I am attacking Christianity that automatically makes me, by default, a Satanist. To be a Satanist one would have to believe in Satan and I do not! Science & Nature is not merely a category in Trivial Pursuit, dear, it happens to be what I believe in. And I am sick and tired of hiding so I am coming out of the closet as a full-blown, hardcore, Religion Hater. This is just like when I came out of that other closet -- I feel so free! I would rather die tomorrow having told the world who and what I am (who and what I'm not?) than live 100 more years pretending to understand something that makes absolutely NO sense -- in my head or my heart.

And I am not talking about God here. "I am very spiritual" as they say. Heck, I can find God in a dog, in a sunset, in a bacon cheeseburger. I am talking about MAN-MADE religion. Do the math, it's really very simple. All you have to do is ask yourself, "Historically has religion helped people more than it has hurt them?" Ding, ding, ding! Either the microwave popcorn is done or you have come up the correct answer -- and that answer is that Organized Religion has caused more damage, more heartache and more bloodshed than anything else on this planet. You were not born a Christian (or a Jew or Muslim or any other religion). It is not a natural state -- it is learned behavior that has been forced upon you from birth, just like racism and homophobia. The Christians think the Muslims are doomed to eternal damnation and vice versa. The only reason you may be a Christian instead of a Muslim is because of where and/or to whom you were born. What both religions have in common is the fact that they both believe that being Gay -- a naturally occurring biological FACT -- is not only a sin, but a CHOICE. Bullshit! Being Christian or any other religion is in reality the choice, being Gay is not. As usual, what the great religions are saying is not only untrue, but in fact the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what is true!

Face it, religion was invented to keep us in line. The folks in charge needed an easy way to keep the unwashed masses from wanting too much or causing trouble, so they made a bunch of rules that we should all follow -- or else! Break a rule and burn in Hell forever. But have you ever noticed how flexible "they" are with the rules when it comes to themselves? Gluttony is one of the 7 Deadly Sins but how many Christians are obese? The Bible states that a rich man has as much chance of getting into the kingdom of heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle, but look how perversely rich so many televangelists and Christian politicians are. "The love of money is the root of all evil" but just think of all those hardworking Latin American Catholics scrubbing toilets or pruning hedges or burping your baby just so the Vatican can add another coat of 24K gold to its gaudy, over-the-top decor that would put Liberace to shame. How come its always the most pious leaders that are caught up in financial and/or sexual scandals? Don't even get me started on the priests who can't seem to keep their filthy hands off of children. And what about the most basic and obviously hypocritical aspect of all -- that Jesus said, "Judge not lest ye be judged." Still, those bloated and superior, holier-than-thou assholes look down and pass judgment on everyone and everything and yap, yap, yap away about who and what is evil. You wanna see evil? Look in your gilded mirror, you arrogant hot air balloon.

First it was RELIGION with THE DEVIL in HELL... Now that so few people believe that crowd controlling crap, and the few that still do are selective and only believe and follow what is convenient (Are you Gay? Did you have or are you having sex before marriage? You can't pick and choose, honey -- its called a religion because you follow it RELIGIOUSLY!) the lie is no longer working, so now we have TERRORISM with OSAMA BIN LADEN in a CAVE!

The message is this: You must NEVER truly relax, NEVER truly feel secure and NEVER truly be happy. Just keep spending, getting further in debt (more slavery) and concerning yourself with worthless diversionary crap such as Lindsay Lohan's latest bust or one of the Desperate Housewives' marriages, pregnancies or fashion blunders. It's like keeping a drooling idiot focused on something shiny: "Look, dum dum!"

The USA is quickly becoming the new Nazi Germany. Wake up! In the 1960s & '70s young people -- and The Gays -- caused trouble, made a stink and protested when things didn't seem right. And I ask you, do things seem right to you!? No. But now it's downright unfashionable and uncool to ask questions or make waves. I hate to break it to you, but true rebellion is NOT expressed through a haircut or by wearing an accessory from Hot Topics, faggot. Watch this...


...and get scared. Then get angry. Then let's DO something.



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Now if we could only get a president with the same beliefs!!

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holy shit

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