May 30, 2007



I'm certainly not rich, but I don't have a lot of time to volunteer, especially since my work is on the road. Except for Katrina and the tsunami I normally haven't donated money because I'm just not in the habit of doing so, but when you hear shit like Mitt Romney, the republican candidate being so rich that he won't even need the president's salary--Jesus! Won't he be effectively representing the struggling people of this country half of whom can't afford health insurance? Are the spinelss democrats even representing a strong anti-war message and why the fuck aren't they? So I decided to give when I got this email from, who truly represent the backbone of the democratic party.

We've got some work to do this summer.

For Republicans, we've got to show that they face political extermination if they keep siding with President Bush on the war. And for Democrats, we've got to make sure every last one of 'em is pushing to end this war—not standing on the sidelines acting helpless.

We've got a plan to do that—to put some of our best organizers and trained volunteers in the country in key districts nationwide to light a fire under Congress on the war. We'll build on our cutting-edge volunteer organizing network, Operation Democracy. We'll stage events to get our message out in the local media, organize meetings directly with the members of Congress, and generally raise hell.

These young organizers are ready to give it everything they've got, but they can't execute this plan for free.

Can you chip in $250 to put one Operation Democracy organizer on the ground for one day in a key district on Iraq? You can choose whether you want your support to go toward firming up the backbone of a Democrat or raising hell against a pro-Bush Republican. Click here to chip in now:


I only chipped in $100, but their thank you email made me feel like a million bucks:

Thank you so much for your contribution of $100.00 to Political Action.

Your contribution will help us make a big difference in this campaign. Political Action is entirely funded by hundreds of thousands of our
members - we don't take big checks from corporations. The average contribution
is around $50 and we don't take any contributions larger than $5000. That is why
your contribution is even more special. Thank you so much.

--Eli Pariser
Executive Director Political Action



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the opposite reaction. Less than 12 hours after signing one petition, I'm already getting email spam asking for money? Good grief! Like I wrote in the "reason" box when I canceled my subscription to's newsletter: it's too much like joining a church. Count me out.

Guess I'll have to find some other way to contribute.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

I hear you, but that's one church I say AMEN to. --LB

4:39 PM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

But Sparks, churches haves good meal dinners and nosy people who love you, really

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same situation happened here: I gave $50 to Edwards early on, and he and other liberal charities have easily spent at least that much on slick mailings begging for more.

Rather than help Edwards, I've paid money to become added to a database of 'generous liberal dupes'.

I wouldn't mind the spam -- which can be deleted. But the physical mail is such a waste.

The mailings often include stickers with my name on it, bumper stickers, etc. Fortunately, they also often include pre-stamped return envelopes. I always put all the wasteful crap back in, write the word WASTEFUL on the back of the envelope, and drop it back in the mail.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Well, I admit, I signed their petition and immediately got an email requesting a donation. I won't deny that is aggressive, but I'm glad someone with an agenda that I'm in agreement with is taking a forceful stand (unlike even most democratic legislators) and that will get a donation outta me. And I'm a stingy heifer!

As far as the spam and junk mail, they are irritants. But trying not to sound too alarmist, with 12 countries in the Middle East seeking nuclear weapons and an active hurricane season around the corner--due in part, from global warming which is attempting to halt--I don't think that deleting emails and tossing out junk mail is going to be as irritating as cowering in a bomb shelter or having your homes wash away. I don't think many people reading this blog will disagree that this country has lost it's way and stepping outside of our comfort zone is needed to reverse it.

Now maybe I'd better go turn off my air conditioner! --LB

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lily of Lilies (THE Lady Bunny), is a monster in it's own right. Though I try my best to keep out of politics, you and the rest of the lovely and the long-lashed pull me in with your talk about these contemporary issues. I've got to say that for every iota of admiration I have for you, I disagree with some of the things you say.

Republicans and Democrats, who needs them!? Both parties are acting out of color, for one the once combined minds of the left are seperating over issues and crumbling beneath the weight of their more radical ideas and members. Futhermore, the Republicans are spending more money that the democrats! Neither deserve support, both need a heavy wake up call in a lack of our voluntary contributions.

Wars are ugly. Their causes are often pitiful, childish and tied to political scheming. However they must either be won or lost or not had at all.

Should we pull out we surely open ouselves to attacks on an international scale from the scolding mouths of the United Nations, and we open ourselves to be seiged by Fundamentalist Islam who will celebrate our leave as a victory. This war is being poorly handled by President Bush.

From the tree of war there can be fruit, but in a cost of blood and tears. To pull out does not let these good things come to be:

For one, the people of many Islamic states have been living in the 12 century for eight-hundred years. Modernization of their faculties; education, medicine, communications, would otherwise be non-existant with these radicals of their own religion crushing them down to a stone-age rule.

In addition the women are coming to be more than just property. Had our military presence not brought with it social change then these ladies would be little more than the dirt they are hatefully preached to be.

Furthermore, should we give the moderates of the Islamic religion control we can encourage peace. They will have a new perspective of western culture. They would work with us and not against us, and to what? I do not know, but to progress to better energy and a better standard of living across the globe many hands must work from all places and all races.

However I am an idealist, and I know that our victory could be used by those devils behind their pompous podiums could easily abuse peace to yeild cheap oil and labor. Which is why it is important to elect the right person for president.

But good people are hard to find.

I find I don't disagree with what you've said, I disagree with how you've said it.

Politics is theatre for ugly people though, why should we bother Bun-Bun?

Much love,

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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