May 29, 2007



I wrote this as a myspace bulletin which will be read by all kinds of people, including new "friends" who may not have heard me harp on some of my common themes, which my blog readers may be all too familiar with. But here goes...

I am soooo sick of idiots bleating like sheep SUPPORT THE TROOPS, SUPPORT THE TROOPS! Support them how? By continuing to keep them in an unwinnable war against, Iraq, a country which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks? 76% of Americans no longer support the war. You can support the honor of the troops and their sacrifices WITHOUT SUPPORTING THIS RIDICULOUS WAR! In fact, if you are sitting on your stupid ass bleating SUPPORT THE TROOPS and doing nothing to stop the war which 76% of the country now disagrees with, you are actively KILLING OUR TROOPS, NOT SUPPORTING THEM.

History books will ridicule George Bush's lethal foreign policy. Remember how people always ask "How could the German people sit back while Hitler massacred 11 million jews?" They're going to ask the same thing about you! They'll wonder how you sat on your ass and went along with the worst president in US history while he invaded Iraq and destabilized the entire Middle East region while the whole world grew to hate and distrust us?12 Middle East countries met in Saudi Arabia last Friday to determine how to develop nuclear weapons. Does that make it sound like Bush's idiotic plan to spread democracy in the Middle East is working if 12 nations are building an arsenal which can decimate half the planet? Bush is considered so moronic and unpopular at this point that in the last congressional elections, Republican candidates tried to distance themselves from the fool in hopes to enhance their chances of winning. Anyone who backs Bush at this point needs to be over there fighting beside the troops they pretend to support so much.

But Lindsay Lohan's on coke and Paris is going to jail. Britney was goofed when her cd kept skipping at her recent comeback performance. I bet you know about all that meaningless shit. But do you know how many soldiers died in Iraq over the weekend? Of course you don't. Did you hear the recent reports about the gambling facilities which exist on Iraq army bases which total $130,000,000 per year in revenue? (That doesn't include equally large figures for other non-army military bases.) How cool! Trap the soldiers in the desert on a death mission, pay them a pittance, and then win it back from them in slot machines! The army claims that their on-base casinos give the soldiers better odds than off-base ones, and that the $130 million revenue is used for concerts for the troops and providing financial incentives to lure businesses like Starbucks to the bases so that the soldiers will feel more at home.

BRINGING THEM HOME WILL MAKE THEM FEEL MORE AT HOME! Don't give them a fucking frappucino! Unless, as many suspect, Bush doesn't want to win the war which was sparked by Osama Been Forgotten's 9/11 bombings. Bush and the neocons want a permanent military base in the Middle East, especially in an oil-rich nation like Iraq. War is making a lot of money for the contractors who are building permanent military bases in Iraq--one of the bases is the size of the Vatican! We ain't leaving, people! Bush declared Mission Accomplished in May 2003! What a strange victory, when you lose thousands of troops after you've won!

Let's be kooky for a minute and imagine that I'm wrong and that the Bush's troop surge works and we "win". The troops come home to the good ol' USA. Let's hope that they aren't seriously injured and have to recuperate in the scandalously dilapidated Walter Reade Hospital. On Sunday, a veteran's rights advocate sat in a wheelchair on CNN and said that according to the Pentagon's own statistics, 49% of the reserves would experience mental disorders. 33% of the army would experience breakdowns. Andd that by the Pentagon's own estimates, in no way was the military equipped to counsel the needy. Let me break it down for you: HALF OF THE RESERVES AND ONE THIRD OF THE ARMY WILL GO NUTS. Maybe that bum panhandling on the corner with a"Help a Vietnam vet" cardboard sign isn't fronting after all. Maybe his mind is actually too sick for him to hold down a job after his time in the service twisted his poor mind. Since the Iraq war has gone on longer than WORLD WAR I or II, and since the the soldiers' tours of duty are much longer and their at-home breaks are much shorter than ever before, something tells me that those street corners are going to be pretty fucking crowded in a few years' time! I hope you will then "support the troops" then with a handful of change and remember how your laziness and ignorance put them on that street corner.

Go ahead and call me ridiculous. "I didn't put them on that street corner!" Well if they are dying for nothing and you are doing nothing to stop it, and you are even paying, with your tax dollars, for them to be killed and to kill innocent Iraqis, you ARE responsible for their deaths. A "christian" nation of murderers who so easily forget their own commandment THOU SHALT NOT KILL. The most ridiculous thing is the notion of spreading democracy in the Middle East. If democracy is government by the people, we'd better jump in and start governing. A war funding bill recently passed the Senate which did not provide a deadline for troop withdrawal. Only 14 Senators--thankfully Hillary and Obama were among them--voted against the bill. The 14 lost, and the bill was perceived as a victory for Bush. How could this stupid, unpopular, violent president possibly score a victory at tis point in his flop career? Possibly, because our crazy way of legislating ties in so many extras which confuse the issue that if legislators voted for this bill, it would look as if they were voting against funding the troops, which would look awful on their record in future elections. Somehow, Democrats managed to insert an increase of the minimum wage to $7.50 and sweeten some veterans benefits. But why is the minimum wage even an issue in something called the war funding bill?

The fact that 14 Senators who voted against the bill and the 76% of the nation who is against the war strikes me as off. Shouldn't 76% of the senators be voting against this war if they are reflecting the will of 76% of the people? We elected these people and we pay their salaries. And guess what? We can fire them, too! We can write them, call them, and tell them if they aren't going to represent our the majority of the nation's desire to end this war now, they'll never get our vote again. Trust me, they'll listen to you when you are saying that you'll end their lucrative careers if they don't represent your wishes. Or you can donate to anti-war organizations, join protest marches, sign online petitions and forward them to everyone on your email lists.

The problem is, you don't give a flying fuck about the troops you pretend to support. Anna Nicole is what the mindless people of this country consider news. War funding bills are too boring for you to hold your interest. And the news is a business. If more people are writing in about Anna Nicole than the US government ripping off the troops with casinos, then they'll cover the dead bimbo. They'll give you the stories you want so that you'll tune into their channel again. And if you aren't informed about anything but celebrity gossip, you aren't doing your part as an American. These politicians watch to see if you are paying enough attention to call them on their bullshit, and they know that most aren't. Gossip rags sales are way up and the newsier mags like Time and Newsweek slump in sales. Keeping score of American Idol contestants is discussed around the water cooler, not the number of soldier's lives lost. So if you aren't using your voice to say bring the troops home, you certainly aren't supporting the troops. If we barbeque on a holiday when we're supposed to be honoring fallen soldiers instead of speaking out to prevent more from falling in a war which we all know is based on a lie, we are a truly pitiful, shallow and ignorant nation.

But if you're a pitiful, shallow and ignorant person, you probably won't care. If you aren't, maybe you'll use that powerful voice of yours which is supposed to make democracy something worth shipping young men and women out to defend. Otherwise, they ARE dying for nothing. And you helped! Congratulations on your terrific support and I hope you had a great barbeque over the weekend! Eight soldiers were barbequed to death in a roadside bombing over the weekend, bringing the total of fatalities in May to 112, the highest monthly level since 2004. I guess there's little point in mentioning the 40 Iraqis who died in 2 car bombings over the holiday. If you don't care about your own, how could you possibly care about the loss of life in a faraway country. Oh, unless Branjolina visits that country and adopts a child.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMEN, BUNNY! Ariana Huffington needs to read this and hire you as a regular columnist, like, immediately.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was recently at a meeting of emegancy workers in new york, (it was about the shortage of us that no one seems to know about) swear to goddess, the first thing out of the asshole's mouth was "Who do ya think's getting bumped off American Idol tonight?" and people actually gave opinions for like ten minutes. I closed my eyes and thought of you. Then I opened them and thought of the fireman in the front row. Then I spit on my hand and...well,never mind, the point is, fucking trivia is taking over.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Yes, it always infuriates me to see my family sending out those god-spat-on chain e-mails saying "support our troops," with the motion-graphic flags shimmering across the bottom. They're so shallow and pointless...but people think once they've hit "forward," they've fulfilled their patriotic duty and can sit back and blow hard about what great Americans they are.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunny, I agree with Anonymous above. You need to pursue journalism full-time. John Aravosis' Americasblog, Daily Kos, Salon, etc. would be rejuvenated by your editorials. You should submit this posting and other samples of your writing to Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, etc. You know you want to do this. Do it. It's time.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Drew said...

You're absolutely right, Bunny. I bet more people know the details of Paris Hilton's doings than could find Iraq on a map, little less explain why our boys (and girls) are dying there.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

like lypsinka says bunny is the Funniest person ever, very smart, and the wild act is an act but that mind + that mouth is no joke

8:24 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

I literally bumped into Lypsinka on the piers tonight! She look young! --LB

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They ain't REAL MEN like the men of WORLD WAR II!

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont agree at all with this article. I think alot of people are talking with out knowing what they are talking about. Whether or not you agree with Bush or with the war today, should have no effect on you supporting the troops that are fighting for your freedom! Maybe if you people were brave enough to stand up for our independence you would have a different point of view on the situation!

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a wife of an active duty marine who is currently deployed in Iraq. I agree with some that you are saying, although I think you're missing the big picture. Our military force in a volunteer force. They joined out of a sense of patriotism and duty. Some marines don't agree with the War in Iraq, although they're job isn't to dictate whether it's right or wrong. They are there to do their job and come home. There are far more variables to this large complicated equation than just "support the troops=kill the troops". I enjoyed reading, although maybe if you understood the military side of it, you would be a little more rounded about a subject you obviously know very little about.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I respect those of you who are angry about the war, because in the end, even though i'm considered a republican, George Bush has definitely been one of thee worst presidents our country has ever seen. And I also agree with your outrage towards other Americans who are more interested in whose going to win America's Next Top Model. However, I do support the troops, and I do everything I can to help. My family and I have been sending food, letters, all sorts of things since the war started. Yes, Bush made yet another bad desicion, but he still made that desicion. And, no disrespect, but we need to stop immaturely cussing out the bush administration, and start supporting our loved ones who right now are over there wether we like it or not.

1:20 PM  

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