May 29, 2007



Chronicles the career of Mel Cheren, the force behind West End Records (HOT SHOT, HEARTBEAT, IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE) and Paradise Garage. Features interviews with a who's who of the dance music community including Louie Vega, Jellybean Benitez, Barbara Tucker, Junior Vasquez, Tony Humphries and Vince Montana.


USA, 2006, 47 min, Video
NYC Premiere

Directed By: Michelle Johnson

This clip compilation reclaims 1960s and 70s made-for-straight-men lesbian movies for the ladies! Come watch lusty inmates, sacrilegious nuns, lesbian vampires, and Swedish wildcats seduce and tease their way through these hot and hilarious sexploitation films.


USA, 2007, 83 min, Video
World Premiere

Directed By: Mike Ruiz

Who needs Superman or Spiderman to save the world when you can call on Starrbooty – RuPaul herself? The greatest supermodel in the universe splits her time between looking fabulous and fighting crime as a gun-toting blaxploitation vixen. When her niece Cornisha is kidnapped by Starrbooty’s arch-nemesis, Annaka Manners (Candis Cayne), as part of a nefarious body parts brokering plot, Starrbooty must go undercover as a hooker named Cupcake to gather evidence against Annaka. Featuring wild musical interludes and cameos by Michael Lucas, The Lady Bunny, Ari Gold, Gus Maddox, and Owen Hawk, Starrbooty is campy fun at its most outrageous.


India , USA, 2006, 53 min, Video
In Hindi & Tamil with subtitles with English subtitles

Directed By: Alessandra Zeka

Explore the secretive world of India’s hijras, eunuchs who are considered to be a third gender, neither male nor female - many willingly choosing castration. The three subjects, followed for three years, support themselves by performing religious rituals, dispensing blessings to the superstitious, and engaging in prostitution. In a changing society, the hijras challenge Western perceptions of gender identity.


(USA, 2007, 120 mins)
Special Events
Tuesday, June 12th 7:00pm
Zipper Theater

In 2004, NewFest hosted a popular staged screenplay reading of Todd Stephens’ Another Gay Movie. The completed film screened as a Centerpiece last year. We’re thrilled to offer NewFest audiences Another Gay Reading! That’s right, Todd Stephens is making a sequel to his popular film, and since it worked out so well last time, we’re presenting a special staged screenplay reading in collaboration with Way Out Productions! Another Gay Movie was about getting laid for the first time. In true gay fashion, the sequel is about who can get laid the most. Another Gay Movie 2: Gays Gone Wild! finds our heroes Andy, Nico, Jarod, and Griff reuniting at a gay resort in Florida for Spring Break. They participate in a contest called “Gays Gone Wild” to determine who can attain the most action over the course of the vacation. Wet package contests, evil gay fratboys, and genital crabs the size of kittens stand in the way of victory. But this time around love proves to be the biggest obstacle of all as our boys struggle to rectify just how casual sex fits into their lives. Spoofing everything from Beach Blanket Bingo to Showgirls to The Price is Right, Gay2 promises to be even funnier than the first film. Join many of the original actors & special guest stars for a sneak preview of all the fun at this one-night only staged screenplay reading the week after the festival!

Confirmed participants include, from the original film, Michael Carbonaro (Andy), Jonah Blechman (Nico), Mitch Morris (Griff), Ashlie Atkinson (Muffler), Lipsynka (Andy's Mom), and new special guests RuPaul and The Lady Bunny!



Blogger Star Queen said...

Yes, and I want Bunny to be a main character with lots of lines and great lighting!

Can a bitch just get that too please?

7:16 PM  
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