February 18, 2007


I can't believe that people are still discussing gays in the military. I've joked that I haven't heard as many gays clamoring to join since there is an actual war on, but I guess I was wrong. I was contacted by a blog which asked me to contribute an answer to the question "f You Were Asked, Would You Tell?" I'm not sure that they knew what Lady Bunny was, since I'd be about as likely as Mash's Klinger to be recruited, but since I took the time to write for someone else's blog in additon to my own, I thought I'd include my answer here in case anyone other than their website and Reichen Lemkuhl is still interested in this debate.


I think gays deserve to have every right that straights have. That said,
I can't understand why would anyone want to serve in the US military
now. The system is completely broken. How are you going to apply for a
job with a crazy boss who has your life in his hands? Our madman
president is sending our soldiers to their needless deaths as they
cause needless deaths of innocent Iraqi's. Why would anyone straight or
gay want to die in a war based on lies? To defend a country which cares
more about the will of Anna Nicole Smith than the loss of their lives?
Why would anyone want to be part of this? Do you want to die for
nothing? I understand that we need a militia for legitimate attacks
like the one on Afghanistan, and the desire to give your life to serve
your country is an unbelievably noble one. But currently, and at many
times in the past, our leaders are corrupt and sending soldiers on very
ignoble missions.

I find it insane that some gays have used the argument that since the
military has, in an effort to meet harder and harder to fill
recruitment quotas, dropped their standards to include criminals, the
mentally slow, and candidates who can't pass GED or drug tests, why
can't the military drop their standards low enough to include gays?
Hungh? If you want an answer, then yes, the military does obviously
consider gays to be lower than criminals, mentally-challenged people
and drug-users. And why would gays want to be part of this bunch of
desperate recruits anyway? Don't try to join a club which looks down on
you, especially if membership means possible maiming or death. Choose
your battles--the most important one to anyone with any sense is
getting Bush impeached. The damage he's doing to America's image
worldwide and the future generations of terrorists he's creating with
his actions in the Middle East will have the US recruiting gays,
lesbians, transgendered and fucking grandmothers if we don't declaw his
diabolical foreign policy at once.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I'm so glad my grandmother and i both have flat feet.

5:38 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I can see their response to this now: "But Bunny, what are you REALLY trying to say?"

5:46 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...


6:22 PM  
Blogger natertot said...

Oh, my god, I love you. I can't even deal right now...will you have my baby?

2:02 AM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

and when the find out they're porn actors they put them out for that too

in addition to serving their country they may also provide a more intimate service for their lonely soldier mates

3:13 PM  

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