February 15, 2007


From www.popbitch.com, the weekly gossip newsletter which you should all subscribe to for tid-bits like this.

>> Flamboyant Frederick <<
We-Ho prince likes to be called "Daddy"

Among a cast of loonies, "Prince" Frederick
von Anhalt has somehow managed to make himself
the most bizarre story in the whole Anna
Nicole Smith tragedy. Husband of 90 year-
old Zsa Zsa Gabor, von Anhalt is said to have
bought his title, knocked more than fifteen
years off his real age (mid 70s), laid claim
to a German castle, hit a Beverly Hills
police officer and now says he's the father
of Smith's baby.

That would be something of a surprise. Von
Anhalt has already tried suing the makers
of Viagra for causing him to be unable to have
sex without it. Oh, and most days he can be
found standing outside Starbucks in West
Hollywood with his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow,
looking to attract the attention of the buff
boys coming out of the Boystown gyms.

(FYI: Von Anhalt said he thought of adopting Anna
Nicole, as did her late husband J Howard Marshall.
But he changed his mind as marriage was
advantageous tax-wise.)

Also from popbitch:

>> Celebrity parasites <<
Sober up and cash right in

Big stars going through rehab in LA have been
hiring sobriety coaches to help them through
difficult times for years. But with young
celebrities under even more scrutiny, whole
sobriety entourages are now being employed.
Coaches are recruiting groups of sober young
people, who can still look the part at Koi
or Hyde, to hang out with celebrities.

Young drunks such as Lindsay Lohan have so
many hangers-on whose boozy coke-fuelled
lifestyle depends on their celebrity patron
staying on the party circuit that managers and
movie executives are hiring whole new
entourages to babysit their post-rehab clients.

And sobriety can be useful as a career aid
in so many ways. It doesn't just help you
remember what film set you are supposed to
be on but an appearance at a celebrity AA haunt,
such as the Log Cabin, guarantees a star
paparazzi shots all over the media. Wannabes
can often be seen queuing outside Friday
AA gathering on Melrose for hours in the
hope of attracting a photographer's attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad Zsa Zsa is back in the news..You Know I worship this gossip...When the old queen was adopted by the countess she took the name Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt...The Prinz Von Anhalt is just her sir name and she really has no tital. Von Anhalt has only come into money lately by selling off the name himself ,after poor Zsa Zsa went almost bankrupt because of Elkie Sommers suing her... whats a feller to do??Von Anhalt was a masseur for upscale gentlemen which is he how he met the countess through some rich fag client ...Polly

2:29 PM  
Blogger archive said...

What's so great about Amrerican Airlines that "celebrities" loiter outside in hopes of having their photo snapped? Preposterous. Ludicrous.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We shouldn't forget here that this person whipped his dick out at one point during a "celebrity" reality TV show in Germany ("Die Burg" / "The castle") he was participating in and peed into a bathtub that had been prepared for somebody else -- he wasn't quite so servile after all.
money can't buy me class!

3:27 AM  
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