November 08, 2006



The democratic wins in the House and Senate have even silenced my bitter rants temporarily. I don't wanna hear any BS about conflict between the liberal new Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her less liberal new co-workers. We'll have plenty of time to hear about that. Today, I'm just gonna to cheer and celebrate! The first female speaker, the first muslim congressman, the first jewish governor in New York--let's break down all the fucking barriers! Yes, today I am actually hopeful and maybe I should give the American people--don't laugh--a little more credit for waking up to republican's abuses of power.

And just t o gloat a little. Mr "Culture of Corruption" himself, Tom Delay, didn't even win in his own district WHICH HE HAD SPECIALLYA RE-DISTRICTED TO ENHANCE HIS CHANCES! Love to see that fucker get creamed! He was on CNN this morning (introduced with the words "culture of corruption") saying that "The democrats didn't win. The republicans lost". In other words, people couldn't have voted for the dems because they stand for nothing. America was just voting against the scandal-ridden republicans and their failed policies. Yeah, like you, scumbag! Hip hip hooray!


Blogger Aaron said...

Go ahead and dance, our darling Bunion! We've waited for far too long.

One point of correction on the DeLay thing...he actually tried to get himself off the ballot earlier this year because he was ineligible (being indicted and all), and the courts said he had to stay on the ballot! :-) That's the big reason he lost.

But who gives a shit? The little midget bastard got kicked in the teeth, far and squar...just as it should be...

12:27 PM  
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