November 04, 2006


Then RUSH over to Splash's new night on 11/5, hosted by legendary promoter Christine Visca (BASSLINE) and break-dancing interior designer Tony Furnabio. Starting tomorrow, I'll djing a month of Sundays at Splash. It's a classic disco theme, and it's early, from 7:00 on. So even us old-timers can get shake our groove thing and still make it home by midnight. Whoo hoo! I rarely dj in NYC at a big club these days, and I would much rather be playing HOT SHOT than worn-out "favorites" like DANCING QUEEN. But I'll play for whatever crowd shows up--so I'm hoping that some cool people (like you!) who know the real disco jams make it out. If not this Sunday, every other Sunday except for the 19th. Or if you just wanna keep complaining about the music then maybe you are jusr too old to party even when your old tunes are played! Don't worry, I'll be providing booty bumps of Doan's from the dj booth.

Also on Wednesday the 8th, I'll be performing at Comix with a fantastic line-up including Dueling Bankheads, Mike Albo, Brenda Bergman & The Bodacious Tatas, Ken Bullock, Frank DeCaro, Julie Goldman, Murray Hill, David Ilku’s Next Door Neighbor (INSANE!), Bradford Scobie and Dr. Julia Wonder. Directed by Kevin Malony and produced by TWEED in association with Abe Gurko. So bring it on!


Blogger archive said...

Are you gonna scoot on down on you inline skates and your walker?

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember my visit to Splash in 1997. I spent an absolute fortune putting cash down those gorgeous male dancers underpants, and in return I got cock whipped on the face. It was lovely!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God LA is sooo boring! HELP!

12:47 AM  

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