October 28, 2006


Just in time for Hallowe'en! Hee hee!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the poor bugger, I can sympathise with him.

My maid and I moved into an old house last Autumn and I was disturbed when a neighbour told me it was known locally as the House of Death. She explained that in Victorian times the family who lived there had been murdered in their beds by an escaped lunatic who then dismembered and ate them. Last week on the anniversary of the killings I was woken in the night by loud screaming. My bed flew into the air and started spinning and blood began to ooze out of the walls and ceiling. The bedroom door then flew off its hinges and I saw a man, a woman and three children in Victorian dress, covered in blood. Then everything stopped as quickly as it began. When my lushy maid came home from the pub, I was so traumatised I could hardly tell her what had happened. Imagine how relieved and foolish I felt when she explained that it was probably just an air lock in the central heating pipes.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

The kid's definitely a cry-baby...but his dad's a little fuckhead, too! LOL My dad used to do stuff like this to me (scare and startle me deliberately), and while I didn't cry over it, it used to piss me off so goddamned bad I wanted to cry, because I knew he got such a kick out of it, like this guy did.

But I survived, and so will this kid. (And time is on his side...some day, dad will be elderly and sonny-boy will be choosing his nursing home! :-))

4:01 PM  

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