April 27, 2006


I have always marvelled at what transsexuals will go through to "pass" as women. Of course, there are back alley butchers who allegedly perform everything from heel-chopping to small toe-chopping so that the "girls" can cram their Cinderfella hooves into real women's size slippers. At one point, there was a popular "doctor" who set up shop in a van on NYC West Side Highway and gave the trannies shot of silicone. There have always been questions about the safety of silicone. There were lawsuits several years ago from real women who developed health complications when their silicone breast leaked, but the trannies aren't even using bags. They shoot the silicone diredtly into the chin, ass, lips, tits, wherever, without fear for their safety. It's kind of like "ME MUST BE FISH NOW" to either look luscious enough to turn tricks or win that pageant or whatever. In the South, even men who don't do drag get silicon injections.

Now Restylane and safer, permanent fillers have been developed. But that doesn't stop the great length to which these girls who feel they were born in the body of the wrong sex will go to. I know on TS hooker who has had her brow bone reduced. The doctor peels back her skin from her forehead and literally shaves down the bone. She said she had to be anaesthetized for 3 days because the pain is so intense that if she were to wake up, a heart attack from the intense pain would be likely. And she's been through this twice!

Now I'm going to give you "girls" a little tip. Even if you aren't attractive, most faces are naturally proportioned. So you can't always change one thing only. A nose job, which I hope to get one day, is a perfect example. If you are getting your schnoz chopped to feminize your face, please be aware that against your newly petite button nose, your jaw and browbone, two tell-tale symptons of masculinity, are going to appear larger. So you may wanna consider having them shaved as well, or you may end up looking like Tranny From The Black Lagoon, very amphibian. The article below, from the always informative SF.GATE.COM, details the procedure with before and after pix. What gags me is that some trannies who go from straight-identified men to sex-changes never develop a fag's sense of what flatters them. Hence this TS's maquillage, whose thin lips look even thinner painted as a dark, red razor-lipped gash.

I'm aware that red lipstick is perceived as the ultimate in sexy, but if your lips are thin (as mine are) opt for lighter corals, pinks, plums and frosts to plump them, honey! And I don't know the particular situation of this guinea pig, but it strikes me as odd that she would have every bone in her face broken and not take enough hormones to soften that muscular arm of "hers"! Or at least wear a long-sleeved blouse to conceal a grisly arm instead of showcasing them in a wife-beater, for chrissakes! Oh well, I guess working the pool makes girlfriend feel "fish".


Claire Roberts had tried plastic surgery: two nose jobs, plus a surgical procedure in which her jawbone was shaved down to create a softer contour.

But nothing really worked. A transsexual who decided late in life to transition to female gender, Roberts went to San Francisco plastic surgeon Douglas Ousterhout last fall and requested a new face. She wanted to "pass," which in her case meant altering a Governator jaw, a large nose and a low, protruding brow line that "made me feel about as feminine as one of the females in 'Planet of the Apes.'

"I felt like I could not shift over to a full-time gender position until my face -- my identity -- was correct," explains Roberts. The 59-year-old Seattle musician and retired business executive is 6 feet tall and has a 25-year-old son. He found out about Ousterhout's innovative facial feminization surgery online and decided to take the leap. The results, five months later, are dramatic: instead of the receding hairline, lantern jaw and (actor) Geoffrey Rush profile, Roberts is a perfectly plausible female.


Oh, and can I just interject here that I love Jane Fonda, and have loved both of her recent appearances on Larry King even though she shied away from politcs cuz she's hawking a book? But she was also denouncing plastic surgery, which she admits to having had performed. A breast augmentation, I think. Honey, that's a lot easier for you to say. You're one of the silver screens most alluring sex bombs with a perfectly upturned button nose and classic all-American beauty rose facial features. Not all of us are born that way, sweets. Jane made the point a la Pink in STUPID GIRLS, that many of today's stars are cookie cutter versions with the same nose whittle, injected lips, blue-white teeth and botoxed wrinkles. Teenage girls are routinely being given boob jobs for graduation presents nowadays and Lady Kier just met a beautiful young male fan who was obsessed with all the surgeries he "needed" to look perfect. He piched half an inch of fat on his stomach and said "LIPOSUCTION". There's no doubt that all of the current rash plastic surgery how-to shows are taking effect, where they serve as a regularly-aired infomercial for the procedures. But some of my favorite faces (Barbara Eden, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jackie Stallone--kidding about that last one!) have been created with a surgeon's knife, so I'm not ready to write it off yet Jane , particularly for those of us who are in sow business! And it's easy for you to slam plastic surgery AFTER you've had yours, Hanoi Jane!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks the before and after face look almost the same? The only difference I'm seeing is hair and the shot being taken from a different angle. If I were that doctor, charging $40,000 for surgery, I wouldn't be too happy about those photos.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Well, it is hard to believe that this gal had had 2 nose jobs AND a jaw shaving before taking the BEFORE pic. But if you look closely, you can see that he softened her brow ridge a good bit, raised the eyebrows and removed the bump from her nose. Bu why he didn't remove the bulb at the end of the nose, I'll never nose! --B

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you serious when you say that you would like to get a nose job some day? You don't need one!

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't see much of a change between the before and after either. What an excrutiating amount of pain -- not to mention buttload of cash -- for effects that don't really go beyond anything good make up could achieve.

And Bun Bun -- I agree, don't mess with your twitchy nose

2:25 PM  
Blogger Mistress_Mini said...

Take it from someone who's had one rather unsuccessful nose job, for the love of Charo (or whoever you pray to!) don't touch that purdy nose!!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gurl, you'll be a woman....soon.

that one will go from 3 bags to 2, but still should never come out in the daylight.

orgyun hillbillie

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The two faces (before and after) look so much similar because both use the same feminizing makeup acting like an uniformizing mask.
Let's try to imagine the "before" face without makeup. It's totally a male face. The second face it's a woman face, with or without makeup.

I suppose that making the face looking good was a goal but not the most important. The most important was to have a woman look.
This goal was achieved. The person wanted to look, if possible a beautiful woman, if not possible, then even an ugly woman, but necessarily a WOMAN.

Between a man face and a not very succesful woman face, the choice was for the last one. This person's biggest problem is not the beauty but the sexual identity.

She doesn't want necessarily to look like Miss Universe, she's satisfied to look just like a miss, no matter which one, any of them.

7:43 PM  
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Blogger merlinhoot said...

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12:11 PM  
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