April 26, 2006


Maybe Bush will be impeached, if California, Illinois and Vermont have their way. "A little know parliamentary procedure established by Thomas Jefferson allows for the States to trigger impeachment proceedings in the US House", claimes Randi Rhodes website, and this was her main topic of discussion on yesterday's brilliant AIR AMERICA broadcast, as well as today's. Every public democrat with a brain--I'm guessing 10, tops?--is milking the gas prices for all it's worth. They have doubled since Bush ran against Gore. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi linked the higher prices to that fact that the pres and VP were oil men, and the oil companies' record profits had coincided with the price hikes. We should all have made that connection and Nancy should have stated it years ago.

What I did not know was Randi's claim that while Bush claims we need to cut oil consumption, he actually gave this tax break to anyone who bought a $75,000 SUV, enabling purchasers to write off THE ENTIRE COST of the vehicles if they have any sort of home office. This does not apply to the slightly smaller SUVs which might get 20 miles per gallon, ONLY TO THE HUGE ONES WHICH GET 15 MPG! If you are still smarting from your IRS payment, here's a little salt for your wounds: YOUR TAXES PAID FOR SOME LAWYER'S OR ACCOUNTANT'S SUV. And no SUV is gonna cure of us of "addiction to oil." Quite the opposite.

Randi also played a soundclip of a Tennessee Congresswoman who was interviewed on Chris Matthew's HARD BALL fill-in moderator. When Miss Tennessee began blaming the oil crisis on environmental wackos, the fill-in interrupted her with "Don't give me the talking points.", because one of the Republican talking points which Randi also subscribes to, is blame the oil prices on environmentalists. Yeah! "Fault the people who want their kids to be able to take a clean breath of air when they are forty.", ranted Randi yesterday. (I'm quoting from memory.) And sure enough, it's not just a talking point. Bush's answer to oil prices? Ease clean air restrictions. YAHOONEWS I tell ya, Randi is on a roll and I challenge you to give her a listen today at 3-7 Eastern time either online at AIRAMERICA on on your local radio station and not wanna cry out against the injustice that we call government. This super-smart, truth-talking firebrand's career is gathering momentum and it's been a thrill to see her on CNN several times recently. (Though I'm not sure about the red eyeshadow, gurl.) But nothing touches her live shows, when she doesn't have to be chopped into soundbites and can read Republican scum to filth for hours. Well, in between those nutty Ovaltine commercials, that is.


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