April 24, 2006


We've all heard the rumors that Bush has fallen off the wagon and is on prescription drugs to numb the enormity of his failures And I'm sure many have noticed that odd tick and jaw-grinding during his speeches. A republican with huge debts and bigger government, we know that his policies are crazy. But is he actually insane himself? (I have no idea if The Mirror, which this is from, is a reputable UK paper.)


By Bob Roberts, Deputy Political Editor

GEORGE W Bush shows all the signs of being a paranoid schizophrenic, a leading psychiatrist claims today.

Prof Justin Frank said the president is a danger to the world because he actually believes he is all-powerful and beyond the law.

His book Bush on the Couch, written after studying his medical records and behaviour, argues that the US leader has a condition common in schizophrenics - megalomania. He thinks the condition could drive him to invent then destroy enemies to demonstrate his power.

Prof Frank said: "The defining characteristic of megalomania is the need, driven by internal fear of persecution, to pinpoint then annihilate all persecutors perceived as outside threats."

The psychiatrist at George Washington University in Washington DC said: "Behind Bush's affable exterior operates a powerful but obscure delusional system that drives his behaviour."

He blames his mental state on his untreated alcoholism as a youth, his fundamentalist religious beliefs and his love-hate relationship with his former president dad George Bush senior.

Prof Frank said it had created an individual living in his own inner world largely "untroubled by external reality". Psychologist Oliver James said: "Frank leads us to the conclusion that the most powerful man in the world is only a short skip away from being completely mad."

The White House wouldn't comment saying: "We don't do book reviews." Bush, who was meeting Chinese president Hu Jintao yesterday, has said in the past: "I don't spend a lot of time trying to figure me out. I'm not into psychobabble."

Dr. Justin Frank is also the author of the brilliantly-titled 2000 tome GEORGE BUSH: THE PUPPET WHO CHOSE HIS PUPPETEERS. An interview about the book can be found here: LAROUCHEPUB.COM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw a picture somewhere in which a lady held a sign reading "someone give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him!"

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see the "give GWB a BJ to impeach" sign photo. Isn't there a petition for that on moveon.org?

Saturday I was at my neighborhood gas station waiting to borrow a pair of jumper cables from the mechanic to jump off my truck and a plain lady of slight stature was also waiting outside the garage.

She looked to me to be in her mid sixties. She stood almost too closely to me as she took a long pull off her cigarette, glanced sidelong toward the "Unleaded $2.90" sign. She opened her mouth like she was about to take a bite of an apple then scratched her cheek with the tip of her middle finger while holding a lit cigarette between her middle and index fingers as she said in a slow and disgusted Tennessee drawl, "You know, That George Bush 'as got us into this mess."

Her disgust reminded me of how my friend stylist Corey Welch once eloquently described his feelings for George W. Bush by saying, "When I hear George W. Bush talk I can feel my highlights darkening."

When the lady at the gas station expressed her disapprobation for George W. Bush I thought, "Yes, he has gotten usinto this mess and you and your whole church and trailer court all probably voted for him, twice, helen" but I didn't say that.

I said, "Yes, I don't think he's worried about the cost of what's in our gas tanks."

"That's right," she agreed as she closed her mouth and slowly, deliberately exhaled tiny tendrils of cigarette smoke out of her nostrils and from the tiny "o" she held open between her lips.

As she sauntered slowly across the oil stained lot her twang gently lilted over her shoulder, "I hope ye git yer car started, hon."

5:22 PM  

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