April 24, 2006



She's coming to town, yall! With her crew of LA freaks to titillate and mystify. Including a recreation of her hit 1920's-inspred club night Bricktops, which was a smash in LA. If you aren't familiar with her from her demented shrimping rendition of Prince's CHERRIES IN THE SNOW, you may have caught her on Armistead Maupin's TALES OF THE CITY. Check out her site at

Or all these upcoming NYC dates with Ron Athey and Franko B, the most glittering, unmissable one may be Bricktops, named after Vaginals' rough brickish face and the type of "top men" she seeks to plunge her nightly.

April 28 May 5, 2006

From April 28 through May 5 2006, Ron Athey, Franko B, and Vaginal Davis
come to New York for a series of premiere performances, lectures and events
focusing on the unique way in which the work of all three artists challenges
the separation between art and life.

In modern societies, the power of private experience is often filtered
through the norms of social convention and the repression of difference. Ron
Athey, Franko B, and Vaginal Davis challenge these constraints, sharing a
commitment to artistic practices which transcend the boundaries of career,
or marketplace and move into the space of life, orwho they are. All
three artists consider themselves marginalized for reasons ranging from
race, to class, to sexuality, and have subsequently used their involvement
in subcultural movements to develop and propel their work. As an integral
part of their performance work, Ron Athey, Franko B, and Vaginal Davis all
subject themselves to physical, cultural, and psychological challenges as a
means to transform the conditions of the present, thus their work is able to
function simultaneously as exorcism and an opportunity for healing.


Monday, May 1, 5:00-10:00 PM
Ron Athey will premiere "Incorruptible Flesh: Dissociative Sparkle", a
durational performance.
Artists Space, 38 Greene Street, ($10)

Tuesday, May 2, 4:00 PM-Midnight
Franko B will present his first ever performance in the U.S.
“Aktion 893: Why are you here?
One-to-one personal performances with the artist by appointment
Participant Inc., 95 Rivington Street, ($10)

Thursday, May 4, 10:00 PM
Vaginal Davis will host a one night only revival of this 1920's themed
showstopper extravaganza of old-timey glamour as Bricktops Takes
Manhattan with salons, shacks and speakeasy installations built by Future
Art Stars from the NYU Department of Art and Art Professions in
collaboration with Obie and Bessie award winning set designer Michael
Casselli. Produced by Earl Dax Presents, with performances by Vaginal Davis as Madame Bricktop, accompanied by John Blue Jazz Sextette , Jennifer Miller, Julie Atlas Muz, The Wau Wau Sisters, Anderson Cooper channeling Bobby Short and many Surprise Guests. DJ's Bernice Bobs Her Hair, Pirate Jenny of Montepelier and Billy Miller of the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts
Siberia, 356 West 40th Street, ($10)

Related Events:

Friday, April 28, 6:00-8:00 PM
PERFORMA founder and director Roselee Goldberg hosts NOT FOR SALE: WE ARE
STILL APPALLED panel discussion with critic C. Carr, Professor Susan
Jarosi, the artist Orlan, Robert Storr and Lucy Sexton.
Einstein Auditorium, NYU Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street, FREE
Reception sponsored by the Sullivan Street Bakery.

Friday, May 5, 6:00-8:00 PM
Artist lectures by Ron Athey, Franko B, and Vaginal Davis, followed by panel
discussion with the artists moderated by Jose Munoz.
Einstein Auditorium, NYU Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street, FREE

Additional events throughout the week featuring Lesbians to the Rescue,
Filmmaker Simeon Hutner, and writer Jennifer Doyle.

Visit www.artofnightlife.net for up-to-date information and a full listing
of events


Ron Athey's work weaves together the baroque visuals and ecstatic
experiences of the fundamentalist Christian rituals of his youth with those
found in the contemporary, then underground, cultures he found solace in as
an adult. Athey lives through real physical extremes on stage as a means to
acknowledge, own, and move beyond them, finding resolve in life's harsh
truths and beauty in the honesty and ownership of pain.

Franko B is best known for his stark, blood-loss performances and has also
developed a large bodies of work in sculpture, painting, and photography. He
is the subject of four artist monographs and has been presented by numerous
venues throughout Europe, including the Tate Modern, London and the Palais
des Beaux-Artes, Brussels.

Vaginal Davis' work encompasses drag, performance art, music, writing,
experimental filmmaking, and painting. In 2002 Davis began also embodying the persona of Ada 'Bricktop"Smith, self-described performer and salon keeper who was a confidant of Cole Porter, mentor to Josephine Baker and Duke Ellington, and pioneered important night life spaces in Paris, Mexico City and Rome. Davis
hosted her hugely successful Club Bricktops Los Angeles at the Parlor Bar
from 2002-2005 when the Parlor closed.

Co-Sponsored by:
New York University's Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions,
Department of Applied Psychology, Department of Drama Therapy, NYU Tisch
Department of Performance Studies, NYU Center for Religion and Media, NYU
Humanities Council and Office of Lesbian Gay and Transgender Student
Services in association with Artists Space, Earl Dax Presents, Participant
Inc., PERFORMA, Performance Space 122, and Visual AIDS

Information: Jonathan Berger, 917.209.8046

Vaginal also has an ill blog on her site VAGINALDAVIS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey....you forgot to post the Vaginal Site. I am only familiar with Vag and Ron and Co. from Bruce La Bruce's movie "Hustler White". Oh What I wouldn't have done to be a part of that movie....especially the "Amputee Scene"..........or the "Gangbang Scene" where Vag say's..."Oh Show Me That Onion Ass Keebler Boy....Oh My Eyes Are Watering..."

LOL! I was half expecting the "Goddess Bunny" (Remember Her in all her tap dancing glory?????) to show up in one of the scenes...

5:43 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Bruce La Bruce just cracked me up on myspace saying, "If I could save time in a bottle...I'd drink it!" --B

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love me some Vagina Warts Davis!!! She slays me every time.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what transpires during the one-on-one meeting with Franko B in "Why Are you Here?" I know it was cancelled but has anybody experienced it in London?

10:45 PM  
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